Thank you Charles, it would be great if you could get RFK jr to say something to that effect.

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Food for thought:

"Early in a conflict an atrocity committed by The Enemy is selected and given considerable publicity…It is elevated to be the moral yardstick against which your side’s atrocities are judged, and, by comparison, your side’s atrocities always pale …

Thereafter The Enemy’s atrocity is the central referent of your side’s propaganda…Their atrocity justifies any your side subsequently commits." —les Online

Emotional manipulation using fabricated defenseless children is not new. To get WW1 rolling German soldiers were bayoneting non-existent Belgian infants. In order to ignite the gulf war imaginary newborns were being yanked out of incubators in Kuwait.

These horrific tall tales - written by the very puppetmasters who created and are benefiting from the carnage and which are propagated through the dishonest media they own and control - are designed to provoke an emotional response in the recipient so that they act (and advocate) in a way that is favorable to the powers that shouldn't be.

The stories are counterfeit which is the point: emotions are so much easier to control than facts. Cue the _very real_ slaughter, plundering, pillaging, & propaganda by the collective elite dark triad. Lights Camera. Action.

The important thing here is to never conflate a nation's people with a nation's government as both administrations are owned and controlled by the same apparatus. Like those babies this war is counterfeit and is only meant to further the goal of globalization: the decimation of freedom and the centralization of power. It is citizens on both sides of the contrived conflict who are the victims of this horrific madness.

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"I do think it is important that all aspects of the situation are made visible. We need to understand as much as possible in order to know how to change the conditions that have created it.."


Have you considered the following "aspect"?

The vast majority of humans will NOT connect the dots between mutilating children's bodies and minds and the normalisation of violence and atrocity in a culture.... I am specifically referring to genital mutilation practiced by both Jews and Muslims...

Incidentally, the USA is the ONLY developed western country to also practice ROUTINE genital mutilation of baby boys... about 3000 per day ... WITHOUT so much as a religious EXCUSE!!

EVERYTHING humans think, believe and DO happens DOWNSTREAM from the way we treat children during their FORMATIVE years. The human brain is not fully developped until the early 20's!! As long as we raise children with violence... however subtle and insidious... we will NEVER put an end to war... because SOME of those children WILL grow up to perpetrate their pain on others... on ANY level of society.

Anyone interested in the roots of violence would do well to read Alice Miller and James Prescott.

Here is one example by Alice Miller:

The total neglect or trivialization of the childhood factor operative in the context of violence and the way it evolves in early infancy sometimes leads to explanations that are not only unconvincing and abortive but actively deflect attention away from the genuine roots of violence."

~ Alice Miller

Full article 👇🏼



This may be of interest...


One area of the CIA’s research that is rarely talked about, or even known, is male circumcision or genital mutilation. PRACTICED ROUTINELY by #JEWS, #MUSLIMS and #AMERICANS!!

Cansever describes a study of the psychology of boys circumcised between the ages of 4 and 7 both before and after the surgery, based on various methods of psychological examination, and reports the following trends among the subjects:

- lower IQ as measured 7 days after the operation

- infantile regression of drawings and expressed wishes

- greater measured levels of aggression

- new fears and anxieties

- weaker control over primitive impulses to the point of maladaption

- greater aggression towards their mothers

- withdrawal from human relationships and difficulty responding to demands of external world

- perceptions of having been castrated

It turns out that in 1961, the CIA had payed “Cansever” to study the effects of circumcision, and he found that it made boys dumber, more infantile, more fearful, and more aggressive, with less control over their base instincts and a healthy dose of aggression towards the most significant female figure in their lives, their mothers.

If the findings of this study hold true for boys circumcised younger, it might suggest that the United States contains some 100+ million men who have been psychologically altered, from as early as infancy, to be stupider, to have lower impulse control, to tend towards aggression and violence, and to possess an instinctual distrust of women. Throw in the diminishing effects of circumcision on penile sensitivity and the consequent difficulties of sex and tendency towards paraphilias, and a picture begins to emerge of an organic golem that can be manipulated more easily by carrots and is less able to establish a normal, healthy relationship with a woman—splitting the family apart or preventing its formation has always been a goal of oppressive regimes, including the one that currently rules over the US.

Unfortunately for many of us, there exists, at this point, ample evidence that events in infancy can and do have measurable effects on the hindbrain, the part of our brain that drives instinctual, “gut” reactions and behavior. This is especially true when it comes to traumatic events that trigger stress hormones such as partial amputation of the penis, routinely performed at birth in this country. Although humans are cognizant of their lives, making behaviorism a dead area of psychology, it is still understood that instinctual behavior plays a role in decision-making, which is why propaganda and advertising are so widespread. How attached will men be to their women if they are surgically predisposed more to masturbate to pornography than to enjoy normal, PIV sex? Is it really a stretch to claim that enjoyment of sex is determined, in part, by the existing or removed enervation of the sex organ involved, and that this might have an effect on the interpersonal relationships of men and women across the country?

It is also worth noting that, according to Leonard Glick in Marked in Your Flesh, circumcision of gentiles is twice used in the Old Testament as a means of disfiguring humiliation and domination by Israelites, and it may still be interpreted as such by a certain religiously-minded tribe. I am not a mind-reader, and intelligent minds can differ on the motivations of various groups that encourage circumcision in the United States, but the historical context of mass, non-consensual circumcision of gentiles may be a clue as to what is going on here."

Link to PDF:



The ANTIDOTE to war ... in the long run:

Aware Parenting:

"It is paradoxical, yet true:

Children are the most

in need of loving attention,

when they act the least deserving of it."

~ Aletha Solter




"We cannot possibly survive if we are concerned only with our own survival. All human beings the world over are interrelated today. What happens in one country affects the others. Humans have considered themselves individuals separate from each other, but psychologically a human being is inseparable from the whole of humankind.

There is no such thing as psychological survival. When there is the desire to survive or to fulfill, you are creating a situation which is totally unreal. Psychologically, you cannot be separate from another.

The desire to be separate is the very source of danger and destruction. Each person by asserting oneself threatens one’s own existence.

When the truth of this is seen and understood, one’s responsibility undergoes a radical change, not only towards the immediate environment, but towards all living things. This total responsibility is compassion. This compassion acts through intelligence. This intelligence is not partial, individual, separate. Compassion is never partial. Compassion is for the sacredness of all living things."

~ J. Krishnamurti

Excerpt from The Whole Movement of Life is Learning

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In WWII my father and thousands of other fathers were sent to fight the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. My Uncle Douglass, my dad’s younger brother, had already been killed in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. My dad went into China as Truman brought 50 thousand Marines into China to free the country from Japanese occupation or so the political script read. My dad didn’t come home the same man who had fathered two children with my mom who stayed on a military base in Starke, Florida supporting the war effort with my sister Diane and my brother Randy and my widowed grandmother Anna to help her take care of my older siblings. I inherited the photos of my dad in his USMC uniform on a outdoor swing with my young mother and their two babies as he received orders to be shipped out from Treasure Island to fight in the Pacific. He looked thin, sad, and terrified as he said goodbye to them at twenty two years old convinced he would never see them again. I was one of the next four children they would have after my father made in back to the states. My parents divorced when I was five years old in 1957. Yesterday my granddaughter Ciena a ten year old fifth grader asked me why her great grandparents divorced. I said, “war” PTSD the collateral damage of hand to hand combat.

When I moved with my Vietnam Veteran newscaster husband to San Francisco in the early 80’s my dad came to visit. We took him to see Treasure Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge he sailed under as a 22 year old Marine barely trained to fight hand to hand in the Pacific. He was happy he had lived to see our four children, Briana, Yuri, Jessica, and Anna. They were too young to understand war and the consequences of PTSD on old soldiers lives. I felt happy at that moment forgetting all the pain of my childhood watching my father and mother fight through a rage born in a terrible war where many innocent people died as Truman dropped the bombs on Japan ending the war the Pacific, the occupation of China, the ovens of Europe where millions of my children’s future friends grandparents perished in the antisemitism fires of hate which led to the founding of Israel.

Daddy had tears in his eyes on the boat making its way to the Golden Gate Bridge. “Darlin,” I’m afraid for you and for my grandchildren that you will see the end of humanity,” my father said as he looked toward the great Pacific Ocean as the waters charged into San Francisco Bay. “Man isn’t finished with war and the bombs are now capable of destroying all of this, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the peace needed for my descendants to survive.”

How do we get to peace?

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I know this essay isn't really about this, but still:

"the universities have done nothing to stem the rising tide of anti-Semitism"

If you look at foxnews.com, a photo that has a Palestinian flag in it will frequently have the word "anti-semitism" or "anti-semitic" under it, implying that being "pro-Palestine", waving a Palestinian flag, or saying that Israel shouldn't bomb Gaza is "anti-semitic".

When a student threatens to kill Jewish students, that is anti-semitic. Having a pro-Palestine rally is not anti-semitic. This is an important distinction. It matters, because too many people think that saying what Israel is doing right now is wrong is a form of anti-semitism. It is not.

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Well Charles, I read up to "babies in their cribs" and then stopped reading. You do realize there were NO infant victims on October 7th according to Israeli data, right? And half the people who WERE killed were killed by deliberate Israeli bombs and incendiaries? The IDF has a policy called the "Hannibal Directive," in which any hostages are killed right along with their captors. The photos you see of burned out houses in kibbutzes were the result of ISRAELI incendiaries. Hamas had no such weapons and could not have carried them over the wall. Multiple Israeli survivors of the attack have testified to this. Haaretz senior military reporter reported that on the IDF base that Hamas attacked, the base commander hid in a bunker and called in an airstrike on HIS OWN MEN. All of these people are uncynically counted as "deaths committed by Hamas." Now Haaretz is even counting Israeli soldiers killed in the current invasion of Gaza as Oct. 7th Hamas victims. They have a running total of victims that gets added to with every death in Gaza.

Incidentally, I hope by now you have abandoned that toad RFK Jr. Not only has Dennis Kucinich left, but now his whole field team resigned. Every day that goes by he utters some new ridiculous Zionist propaganda. Now he is coming out against free speech on college campuses.

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Can we make the first step calling for a ceasefire? Still didn't hear you state that...or touch upon why RFK Jr. hasn't? No idea why the long winded posts don't translate into an initial step that advocates for an end to the immediate slaughter of innocent people.

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Thank you, Charles, so much. I'm an Israeli, living in this nightmare for the past month. I'm heart-broken by the horrors that happened in Israel on October 7th and the following days, and by what's been happening to Palestinians in Gaza, in the West Bank and in Israel. What's most difficult for me in these days is to see what this horrible situation brings out of people - the hatred, the wish for vengeance, the one-dimensional perspective of good and evil, with no room for any other voices. What we miss the most, here and in the rest of the world, is the ability to see complexity. Everybody seems to have an opinion, but so little willingness to learn and discover things they don't know yet. The perspective that you bring, here and in your previous essays, which shows the complexity, the width and the depth of the situation, gives me hope. Please keep writing!

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“Out beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field.

I’ll meet you there”

- Rumi

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 7, 2023

Wow, Charles. Your commitment to not "take sides" is admirable. In your essays, you have pointed us to see that both sides are consumed by blind vengeance, both sides have committed atrocities, both sides are justifying violence, and both sides are suffering. OK, thanks. 🤷‍♂️

You mention the accusations of "False equivalancy" and "Both-sidesism," as you can hear them coming. But you falsely mischaracterize that critique as being that one side's violence is "justified" and one side is not. The real critique of "both-sidesism" is that it paints the transgressions of both parties as equally wrong. The natural result is passive inaction. "Both sides are awful. Oh well." This simply perpetuates the status quo, which currently is a genocidal massacre of innocent civilians in Gaza, currently at over 10,500 dead and another child murdered every 10 minutes.

I wonder if the scale of this slaughter might reach a point where you feel compelled to "take a side." If the Israeli war machine kills 100,000 Palestinians would you "take sides." How about 1 million? Do the numbers matter, or does our concern for avoiding the binary of "sides" and being associated with hate and anti-semitism override that no matter the numbers?

Somehow there are thousands of Jewish people of conscience around the world and even in Israel who have come out passionately and adamantly against the Israeli war machine genocide and in support of the suffering Palestinian people. Perhaps our whole concept of the "sides" is part of the problem. We have been fed a narrative about what the "sides" are and what they believe and demand and justify and are guilty of. It looks to me like in your noble effort to avoid taking "sides," you have actually affirmed and adopted a false narrative about what the "sides" are and what they entail. Can there be a side that is solely against bombing and killing 5,000 children with nothing else attached?

I agree with your pushback against the tired demands for "condemnations." What does a condemnation really do, anyway? But can we demand that the U.S.-backed Israeli war machine stop this continuing slaughter of innocents in Gaza? There is absolutely no justification for it. It is wrong, and we must do everything we can to stop it. That is urgent and necessary, and I hope you have the courage at some point to speak clearly and unequivocally about it.

(Side note: You described your Palestinian friend's family as "collateral damage." Do you see any problem with that language? It used to be that people like you found that term unacceptable. Do you really think the suffering of his family is "unintended" or "inadvertent"? I wonder what he would say. I invite you to rethink that framing.)

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Charles, you are one of the (very) few writers in the public sphere willing to acknowledge something called the Galactic Council. How much blowback an article like this will receive, I don't know (loved the phrase about the Comments sections). But I assure you it won't come from beings who live by the rule of looking at both sides with clarity without judgment. Write as much of this as you can--it's the lesson we're trying to teach ourselves.

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It's pretty stupid that the UN hasn't ever negotiated for peace.

When two groups disagree, there needs to be a mediator.

With the Israel situation, despite the condemnations, there's no power to bring them to the table until the security council dictator nations with veto power allow it.

Same with Ukraine and Russia.... From 2014 until the war, shelling of the East has been called out but nothing could stop it!?!

Perhaps this disaster will build a movement where member nations of the UN start calling out this ridiculous single veto power given to "world powers".

I'll be honest, in school when we learned about the UN, I found that veto power as designed to keep corrupt power in control. Sadly, my teachers thought it was a good thing, as they grew up during prosperous times in the USA. Most students didn't see an issue with veto power either.

Rfk Jr also seems to think everything is "fair" by his huge ignorance of the Israel/Palestine situation. I find it crazy that he still believes the propaganda fed to him through his childhood etc despite the assassinations of his uncle and father!

Perhaps he isn't as intelligent as we think, or perhaps he's got huge emotional blocks.

It's almost like they assumed that the world powers would be fair.

Haha, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and others prove that it's just another extension of imperialism framed as "protecting the world"..

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"My friend’s family members are all Christians. Not supporters of Hamas." Implying that you could not both be Christian and support Hamas or some other Islamic resistance movement/organization is naive and wrong. Your Christian friends are not collateral damage, Charles; they are the intended target of Israel's stated genocidal intentions. I am genuinely curious what is the basis of your historical and moral judgment that the Jewish holocaust of WWII was the "most heinous episode of human history" -- since that judgment reveals that you are indeed capable of such judgments and do not actually see them as beneath your enlightened perspective!....... Anyhow, if anyone wants a perspective on this issue which is both spiritually attuned (not provoking hatred or desire for vengeance) but does not equivocate on the truth, look to Alec Zeck or Ali Zeck, Ihsan Abbas or his wife Sister Shanti, Nizami XIII on Substack, or of course Chris Hedges or Norman Finkelstein.

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For another way to think and communicate, this came today from the brilliant poet, In-Q:

"The world is pretty messed up right now so I won’t pretend like everything is fine, because it’s clearly not. And honestly, I’m not fine either. It’s with a heavy heart that I write this. Obviously, people are going through a lot of pain and suffering. I don’t have any answers but I’ve been trying my best to treat everyone with extra care, consideration and compassion lately.

"I’ve been mostly staying off social media for my own mental health, and posting less because I haven’t wanted to use my voice to be a part of all the noise. And I haven’t wanted to take up space by explaining why I’m not taking up space. Instead, I’ve been actively listening, continuing to share my poetry and facilitate for other people to use creativity as an outlet. I’ve hosted a bunch of workshops and keynotes over the past few weeks, which, if nothing else, has brought another few hundred poems into the world. When I don’t know what to do to help, I at the very least try not to add to the hurt. My thoughts are with all those affected by the ongoing conflict, and I am praying for peace."

It ends with this:

The only thing I know

is we're all in this together

And the future of this earth

depends on how we treat each other.

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Nov 7, 2023·edited Nov 9, 2023

RFKJ spoke at the Rubin report that he would sit at the table with all international players in the ME (China, Russia, Iran, SA, etc) and initiate a series of discussions, work out a plan to fix the Palestine situation once for all, together. I really liked it as a possible approach. It is the only thing that might work if done with honesty.

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And... this is the reason that I don't watch the lame stream news and haven't for over 30 years. I will only agree to watch the news if you can show me how I can directly affect a situation and have a meaningful effect on the problem. Though I don't criticize anyone wanting to have a discussion on a 'news' topic from anywhere around the world or to 'vent' their frustrations, as is their right, I don't see any benefit in it on affecting the situation. How about we just let those folks in the conflict work it out exactly as they will with or without our pontificating about their situation and instead focus on something we have direct control over? How about we DO something instead of just Discussing what we could DO or hope someone else Does? How about we just focus on Loving the person next to us with Agape Love? That's something we can DO to Affect this world. What would the world look like if we just Agape Loved the person next to us and they, in turn, did the same thing to the person next to them and so on? What would that world look like? How can we ask groups of people in lands most of us have never been to with cultures we have never fully experienced to Agape Love one another when we haven't taken the time to Love OUR Neighbors unconditionally?

I will be so bold as to answer one of my questions above myself. Do you know what the world would look like if we just focused on Agape Loving the person next to us and they did the same thing and so on? It would look like Heaven. The only thing standing between heaven on earth and what we're observing in the world is US. When we take ownership of the fact that WE are the cause of the conflict, turn off the TV and all media and focus on Unconditionally loving those next to us (our neighbors) AND do all the things that loving someone unconditionally entails, AND the people next to us do the same thing to the people next to them, then and only then will we have the peace on earth and the heaven on earth that our hearts all seek and desire. "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me."

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