I came across this the other day and I think it kind of plays to what you’re writing about, “If you catch 100 red fire ants as well as 100 large black ants, and put them in a jar, at first, nothing will happen. However, if you violently shake the jar and dump them back on the ground the ants will fight until they eventually kill each other. The thing is, the red ants think the black ants are the enemy and vice versa, when in reality, the real enemy is the person who shook the jar. This is exactly what’s happening in society today. Liberal vs. conservative, black vs. white, pro mask vs. anti-mask, VAX vs. anti-VAX, rich vs poor, man vs. woman, Cop vs. citizen. The real question we need to be asking ourselves is who’s shaking the jar… And why?” - Shera Starr

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I am kind to the vaccinated, until they sound like a fascist or label me a Trump supporter, despite him pushing the jabs.

Then, I clearly state the huge issues.

I mention how I supported Bernie Sanders and other left issues.

I mention how the left abandoned "my body, my choice".

I mention how the FDA approves unsafe drugs all the time as they get most of their funding from pharma.

If that makes them an even bigger fascist, I tell them that they should get a weekly booster 🤑 and stay at home.

I don't see them as the enemy until they treat me like an enemy.

Sorry, but I think this is necessary to prevent abuse.

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Very well articulated as usual. We should start by not using the language provided by those in power who, having engineered this division for their own benefit through propaganda and misinformation, will require we continue to divide ourselves. These are not "vaccines" and the vaccinated are no more vaccinated than the "unvaccinated". These are temporary experimental therapeutics for emergency use with poor safety profiles and rigged trial data utilized to usher in their next plans for humanity. For anyone paying attention, they know what those plans entail. None of which will be good. Let's start using more appropriate language to retake the narrative from those who need us divided. Dr. David Martin has many suggestions on this, starting with 'bioweapon' instead of virus and 'toxic spike protein injections' instead of vaccine. We will only ever be united when the truth conquers the fiction they've socially engineered.

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The way I look at it - everyone is right, but there is no single point of view that is 100%. I agree with body sovereignty but we don’t live in a world with sovereignty. You break that sovereignty when you drink bottled water, when you eat food from a grocery store, or drive a car. We live inextricably linked together in a global community that is by its sheer weight destroying its own home. The grief of global die off and ecosystem degradation is sharp. We are connected, the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, choices ripple.

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"A quiet majority wants peace." Beautifully and simply put, Charles. thank you <3

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, Charles!! It's true! I'm sure of it. We are in a battle, but it is not with our fellow human beings. It is with the forces that manipulate all of us into thinking that our brothers and sisters are our enemies. Can we take on the real task of girding ourselves with the truth, which requires each one of us to be willing to dissolve our own precious opinions and judgments regarding the world and others?

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The unvaccinated are not a threat to society. They are a threat to authority.

That said, the vaxxed are surely dealing with very deep traumas and wounds, now expressing them brutally and violently... and we'd be wise to stay aware of that.

And the answer, as always, is to severely reign in 'authority'... ideally eliminate it wherever it appears as being permanent. There is zero need or justification for permanent authority anywhere in human society.

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So here’s my story , I hope it helps to develop better understanding between people. I purposely use the word people and not groups , because there is a influence to create tribalism

. We the people , us . If anyone wants to develop their suspicions as to the purpose of the creation of division , I would recommend watching the film “Snow - piercer “‘- the story of two controlled tribes of haves and have nots on board of a train in perpetual travel around the Earth . The divisions between the groups is constructed so that there is a “ war “ this creates population control . When countries war these days the inevitable outcome is could be Armageddon , anhillatoln . I believe a more sedate war , lives can be lost on both sides could perhaps fulfill the same purpose . There are no winners only control . Charles it is with this dystopic vision in mind that iI agree with you . I work as an Osteopath ( a limbo land between covential

medicine and alternative ) . I have a disabled son who I travel with . This from a vaccination point of view my feet are astride the two camps . I’m really not fully trusted by either camp . If I mention zinc or plant stanols as immune moderators then I’m a witch , my full vaccine status attracts the labelling of being Bill Gates lapdog . I have lost friends and lovers in this ,however I navigate some corners of my life where my respect rather than my fears lead to me to be less than authentic . Yes Charles you are right we need to STOP these battles , soon Klaus will have the relevant “ Merch “ all sewn up ready to sell to either camp . Ii would even suspect that man of providing the placards and bricks for protest whilst engineering laws of anti protest and paying the police .Maybe he rubs his hands in a self gratifying manner and says “ we always win “

The protest to industrial processed food is home cooking ,the protest to the Great Reset is as you describe healing and unity . As well as devrlopment of latent human potential for intuition etc . Self awareness , community and compassion are others . Dear Charles I may be uncomfortably “ astride “as I have desribed , and I would stand with you in any protest that is devoid of tribalism and hate . Thank you for a great essay and the message of Unity

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In our family we have had two car accidents this year, one in June and one in November. They were both single driver accidents, both running into another car, with likely long term injuries to a wrist and to a spine.

So our family has been affected by car accidents at a much greater extent than we have been affected by covid.

I don’t know anyone personally who has been in the hospital with covid. I know only four people who have had covid. Three of them are in their mid 70’s and they all had symptoms for a week or two. They went on to get vaccinated and one of these four has some cognitive changes possibly due to covid or the vaccine. The other person is in her 60’s with covid, she recovered fine but has so-called long covid. I don’t know if she has been vaccinated.

I read lawyer, journalist Glenn Greenwald https://rumble.com/c/GGreenwald when he wrote about cost/benefit of cars in comparison to what our governments have done with lockdowns and such during covid.

We constantly do a cost/benefit analysis when we get in our car. We have a decent idea that many people are hurt and killed in cars but we drive and put our kids in the car every day as if it no concern. We are so used to driving because of its benefit and we don’t realize we are doing the cost/benefit analysis. Both of my family members totaled their cars and are driving again.

The government can shut us down with huge consequences to the economy, with many people losing their jobs and many going hungry, or committing suicide at a greater rate, or OD’ing on drugs more often than in 2019. The global transportation disruptions affect millions of people, leading to lack of food and necessary goods. This is the cost of our Covid policies. And that doesn’t include the unknown cost of adverse effects from the vaccine itself.


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Dec 22, 2021·edited Dec 22, 2021

Dear Charles,

A few posts ago, a gracious commenter questioned, basically, by what metric do you deem these vaccines "more harm than good." You continue to be vague about this, and leave the general public to assume the terms, which are very much still languishing in the paradigms which you are purporting to address and which don't add up, leading to every manner of bizarre suggestion, leading to conflict and confusion. In this realm, I'm afraid you have fallen into your "tip of the iceberg" causation theories with their attendant "resistance" strategies, that are more the immature calculations of a frightened toddler than the caring vision of the whole being of compassion and sound, heartfelt reason that I know you can be.

You say you share your opinion to combat the rhetoric of the mandates, but undermining the rationale of "the other side of division" is not the same as stepping into inner unity and providing a higher ground for people of "both sides" to adhere to. AND YOU KNOW THIS. But these last few years you are merely pointing fingers and strengthening the very dynamic of division you purport to be calling out. I think you are merely being petulant in this regard, seemingly naive to the effect your words are having on the populace.

I know about all this territory because I struggle every day to understand "the right thing" in myself, and I have as much wariness about the divide and conquer as you do. I write to you because I think you're a great person who is mired in mistake... I know about mistakes because I make plenty of them, but unlike you I have the luxury of being able to make them without thousands of people making their life decisions based on what I have said . And I'm not comfortable with this reasoning of yours passing as sound.

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It is not a bad reminder that something ugly lurks beneath the surface in each one of us. Who among us, though, when they hear that evil voice-- the genocidal whisper-- can acknowledge it for what it is?

Right now, I find myself more and more at the receiving end of the vitriol, since it is state-sponsored and encouraged by most media sources. But that doesn't mean the same nasty impulses don't snake through my mind, going in the other direction. We must acknowledge and wrestle those thoughts while asing what circumstances make it likely that they will be unleashed as actions. Then we must do whatever we can to prevent such circumstances.

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unfortunately our president is the great divider. And we can only control our response to the tyranny. Speaking up or even not cowering to hatred, silent opposition all of it is important this is not the time to to ignore the narrative of toxicity. It seems the only way to unite is with those that share our values as we are shunned from those that don't. And the healing must come first within our selves. Truths prevail. And the truth is definitely here.

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unfortunately, we are on track for developments where the deaths and medical care from vax damage will take on such proportions that they can no longer be hidden.

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Idiots who are wrong are still idiots. The issue isn't really vaccines, or submission to vax mandates. The issue is demanding others agree with you or you declare them enemies. That's a moral defect that can probably be corrected, but in many cases requires more effort than is justifiable. Some divisions are necessary. We don't need to dehumanize them, but we do need to resist their efforts to control us. Their personal shortcomings are not really our problem. Their actions are.

I don't care if they want a vax. I don't care if they dislike me. I don't care if they wish me dead. I do care if they act on it. The vax isn't the issue, only the oppression.

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I love this. Thank you! I wonder if there could be a better word than ‘resistance’ used ..

It’s sort of humorous that I’m resisting resistance, but somehow even in this context the word connotes a polarity — a difference, a division, a continuing entrapment in the old story, a forgetting of the magic of potential alchemy — that inclusive laughter and a quiet strength of focus (a softness or flow, really) on actions and words of unity and hope and kindness do not.

There’s just something beautiful about a willingness to be vulnerable, to maybe even cry when expressing sadness over our human predicament. To articulate a longing for new roles within this old drama we created for ourselves, and then to practice creating inclusive new plays within that old play. As I think you often articulate so well, we increase our chances of finding others who have also shed the heavy costumes of the old polarized play that no longer holds meaning or power for us when we create new scripts. It’s a different energy. And the old polarized play, which is unsustainable and will fall away anyway, I hope will eventually have very few players left if we continue to create and practice our new plays of loving alchemy with consistency.

I know this all sounds silly. But as a person who half thinks we’re not going to make it anyway, and I admit easily caught in magical thinking, I’d rather have our demise be a species-wide expression of what a wise individual’s ‘good death’ is, rich with appreciation and right action and love. A beautiful letting go of the old.

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It's all about control - the more hostile and vociferous the more controlling the person is. My way or the highway. Issues of control go hand and hand with addiction. Cell phones have now become more lethal - dangerous and ADDICTIVE than ALL OTHER addictions combined. If for nothing more it exposed just how rampant addiction truly is. Cell phones were a deliberate diversion and dumbing down of society. People have not only lost all touch with reality - they're blind to their own behavior. It's as though we're living in a Twilight Zone.

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