The masking requirement is divide and conquer at is most base level. Just like the vaccines they split everyone right down the middle. None of this was an accident. Here is what is occurring, and we must put an end to it or it will put an end to us:

A primary tentpole of this takeover is to dumb us down to the lowest common denominator. Experienced and educated critical thinkers make for poor slaves. Our elders and their old ways of thinking have to be eradicated. Division, demoralization, and the destruction of education are three key tools in achieving total domination.

Bread (UBI/SNAP/EBT), circuses (media), overbearing propaganda (news), fabricating and dramatically magnifying our differences (5th generation warfare), and radicalizing the populace (politics) are all being brought to bear against us:

By weaponizing woke ideology, a powerful group is destroying the modern world by poisoning the wells we all share of comradery, fellowship, and family – they are doing everything they can to decimate the ties that bind us together and to destroy every trace of common ground and brotherhood between us.

Values we all once shared that were intended to do the most good for the most people are being maliciously torched in the name of discord and disunity by utilizing a reality denying, mentally ill, family destroying, child warping, depraved ideology.

The globablists’ have successfully utilized the Red vs Blue, East vs West, Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed, Masked vs Unmasked, Boy vs Girl, Gay vs Straight, Choice vs Life, Black vs White dichotomies to exploit our innate tribal nature, and in doing so are dividing and conquering us. This ‘us-vs-them’ separation makes us easy to control and direct with simple angry thoughts about “the enemy” who isn’t really our enemy – while blinding us to the actual enemy behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings. If we could collectively recognize this for what it is the NWO wouldn’t stand a chance.

Most people will not act to secure their future, so long as they feel they have an advocate fighting for them in the public or political arenas. This is why Republican vs Democrat equals divide and conquer. The human mind is binary. Our thought process can often be boiled down into terms (often ultimatums) of – this or that – and our adversaries understand - very well - the art of this war.

They know that politicization is so effective at manipulating us because most emotionally connect their personal belief system to the belief system of their political party, and so then any attack on their party – legitimate or otherwise – is interpreted by their brain as an attack on themselves. Reason and logic then jump out the nearest window as raw emotion takes the helm, thus making them even more susceptible to the predatory controlling influences.

United we will stand, divided we will fall, our adversaries know this which is why we are being mercilessly divided.


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...."they will be united by a nearly unbearable compassion for each other" and the land, destroyed by bombs, will regenerate, olive trees will be re-planted and peaceful communities will thrive once again.

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This is SO important.. thanks for posting, Charles!

It’s a perfect demonstration of what Buckminster Fuller already knew..

“You can’t change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete” - Buckminster Fuller

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I recently told a friend that maybe Jesus's admonition to turn the other cheek was about not seeking revenge. Maybe he did so to free us from acts of revenge of a tooth for a tooth? Vietnam is opening a plant in the US and negotiations are underway on how much state subsidies they will receive. Who could have imagined this 50 years ago?

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Oh my, waves of tears reading this... thank you so much for this wonderful share xxx

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Beautifully written. Very timely for me as I attended a workshop 2 days ago where the expectation was that all would wear masks. The vast majority did. Only a few of us just quietly didn't. There was no confrontation, & no one asked us why we weren't going along. I love how you lay out the different stages in how this progressed for the person who did not want to mask. Very helpful.

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Thank you so much for sharing this story. Masks have begun to appear again here in England and I have noticed profound feelings in myself in response to the sight of someone doing their shopping in a mask. I have been preparing myself for the kind of scenario Raquel experienced and telling myself that come what may and whatever I may have to give up I will not comply with any mask requirements. Raquel helps me prepare my responses if I need them - Thankyou Raquel. I am remembering my several Quaker friends who were on opposite sides of the mask issue and how even in the environment of Quaker tolerance one group sat outside the meeting house in the garden while a masked and socially distanced meeting happened inside and there was one friend who just stayed away. In Raquel's dance class there was a big change in the former maskers. I wonder how that came about. I also wonder how the group would have felt if some were masked and some not? It is hard to imagine a feeling of cohesion then - more of an uncomfortable truce perhaps. I don't think masks in dance class or anywhere else is a trivial issue. Standing up or out for what I or you believe in peacefully and powerfully takes courage. Perhaps the "War on Covid" years have taught me and others a different kind of courage.

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I want to wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of your piece, Charles, but encounter the following blocks: your previous essay was criticised for advocating suspension of the Palestinian government, but not the Israeli government. Whatever accusations of terror and madness one may rightly level at Hamas, one must also level at Netanyahu and his war party.

You omit this in your latest essay. You go on to suggest a peace process that takes the history of all peoples into account. The history of Jews in the land we call Israel begins in 1948. The history of the Palestinians goes back much further. We have a displaced and traumatised people (the Jews) still trying to build their house, at massive and growing expense to themselves and others, "justified" by the Bible, the Jewish Holocaust, dehumanisation of the Palestinians and now the Hamas attack.

You mean well, but I am concerned that you shy away from admitting the criminal basis on which the state of Israel stands (and I believe will fall) save for comments dragged out of you by critics.

This is the exceptionalism world opinion is swinging against. When we have the Israeli ambassador telling us “there is no humanitarian crisis.” When we have a church sheltering terrified civilians shelled. When we have a hospital shelled, followed by the claim it was a Hamas rocket, backed by fabricated evidence. When we have 75 years of Israeli oppression and apartheid. When we have a million children in a concentration camp shelled...

You know all this but it is important to say it, clearly and explicitly—not to dehumanise the Israelis (they're doing a great job of that themselves)—but to address the imbalance in the way the mess is talked about. It gives world “leaders” license to perpetuate that imbalance viz. “Israel has a right to defend itself.”

A call to history to be respected must lead by example, lest the usual apply: history is written by the victors. That is the doctrine Jewish supremacists adhere to. That is the doctrine Islamic supremacists adhere to. Their call divides God and is therefore godless.

If humanitarianism is to be our god—and this is the large part of your essay I agree with—we must look unflinchingly and clinically at the facts.

Supremacist doctrine hammered into Israelis and the Jewish diaspora holds that the God of the Old Testament granted Jews the promised land. Hence the settlers uttering madness like, “I was here 2000 years ago.” Hence the ongoing ethnic cleansing and seizing of land.

A humanitarian stance cannot seek, deliberately or tacitly, to equate the tens of thousands of Palestinians killed to the thousands of Israelis killed. That would admit the non-humanitarian idea that an Israeli life is worth more than a Palestinian one.

A call to history must take in the Jewish Holocaust, which the Palestinians had nothing to do with, and the Nakba, which Jews had everything to do with. It must take in 75 years of oppression. It must take in the asymmetrical fatalities and military power, and the endless machinations of the pro Israel lobby to disguise this asymmetry and paint Israel as the victim.

World opinion—by that I mean the perception of the tragedy by the man and woman on the street, Banksy, Liverpool Football Club, Pink Floyd, the tendency of humans to support the underdog—is rapidly swinging from unequivocal support of Israel to disgust at the actions of a rogue state.

Jews who choose to live in Israel risk siding with a doctrine the licenses God's People to oppress and deceive. They must, as many are doing, stare the gift horse of that doctrine in the mouth.

Purveyors of peace must address the imbalance of that doctrine, especially when it is adopted, for entirely cynical reasons, by world powers. If we explicitly or tacitly argue for symmetry, we diminish Palestinian suffering, and leave our argument open to accusations of bias, exceptionalism and racism. Perhaps worst of all for thought leaders, such an argument lags behind world opinion.

Once again: a million children in a concentration camp. Bombed. Hospital patients. Bombed. People sheltering in a church. Bombed. The numbers. The air strikes. The incursions. The wall.

Let's acknowledge it. Let's say it. Then our arguments can have humanitarian weight. Many are calling it—Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, Ilan Pappe, Jeremy Corbyn. I'm not asking for a pile-on. This is not a call for mob mentality. It is a call to acknowledge what the State of Israel is founded on. Things tend to continue as they began.

We could say: all states are founded on awfulness. Take the UK. Take the US. Nations have karma. Israel's karmic equations are especially tight because the land it occupies is holy. We are witnessing the holiness of that land. Visiting mass violence on it has the power to collapse the world. Maybe that is what has to happen. Maybe we can pull out of the nosedive and admit the asymmetry loudly and clearly. Then we can look at equanimity.

Wishing you strength, clarity and good spirits in your great work.

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Beautiful and to the point. Love the phases breakdown... Thank you for sharing this!

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Wow. What an example. I too have found it hard to write about anything but what is happening in Gaza at the moment. To do so feels like turning away from it, and I can't bring myself to do that. You've shown how our personal lives and this larger tragedy interweave. Thank you. But should we really call it the Holy Land? Isn't all land Holy?

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I love Raquel's story, Charles. Thank you for sharing with us.

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Love is a revolution.

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"A cease-fire, humanitarian relief, and thousands upon thousands of peace witnesses flooding the Holy Land. Then a political process that recognizes the full history of all the people in the region, that incorporates their stories and makes room for all of them in a peaceful homeland."

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Indeed, a wonderful story. But is it really applicable to the situation in the 'holy land'? Not so sure. I think it is way too late; the state of Israel has murdered and displaced too many people. There had been a moment, at the very beginning, when the newcomers could have chosen to share the land granted to them, not by God but by the British Empire. But their souls were scorched by the poisons of the gas chambers. They were driven to recreate their ghettos and concertation camps, to project their historical misery onto the other, onto the people who looked so much like them.

Israelis are murdering children en mass to stay 'safe.' Right now!

God maybe dead, but we live in a moral universe. Teens who raved in the desert, enjoyed their music and each other right next door to the place of immense misery, made their moral choice. Some moral choices are quite deadly.

It is fucking terrifying to be a Jewess.

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Thank you Charles and thank you Raquel too. This piece is very moving for me - I think I am in the grief stage of the process , deep sadness and a feeling of uselessness. But I think trying to reframe my thoughts and feelings towards the protagonists in a different way from ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ feels like good work for my heart. And gives me some small hope in the sadness.

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