Just after I posted this, someone sent me the following video by a 19-year-old who survived the attack on her kibbutz. Very powerful. Leaders of the world, listen to her!


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Thank you for saying this, Charles. My observation has been that a lot of people are not themselves, as if under a spell, being messengers of various ghosts as opposed to their actual selves. That is the main problem. The moment people choose to tell the ghosts to leave, so that they, the people, can act on their own agency, with spiritual clarity, better solutions are likely to start showing up. I don't think we can do it based on intellect alone, our intellects exist to remind us not to go crazy and to support the general logic, but I think the first thing we need to do, all of us, is to make sure that our thoughts are our own. I mourn for both the abused and the abusers. I mourn more for the abused but the abusers are also a total mess.

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Here is the problem for those that seek vengeance in this latest kinetic puppet show of death & misery known as the Israel Hamas war:

A nation's people and a nation's government are completely separate things, and many are conflating the Israeli people with the Israeli government who is controlled by this man: https://tritorch.com/degradation/RothschildAbramovicSatanSummoningHisLegions.png [image]

Many are also conflating the Palestinian people with Hamas who is control by this man: https://tritorch.com/degradation/RothschildAbramovicSatanSummoningHisLegions.png [image]

That man also controls nearly every bit of information you receive about both this war and the history of this conflict which stretches back centuries.

That man is standing with Marina Abramović in front of a painting titled 'Satan Summoning His Legions'.

The father of lies is firmly in control of this world. Act accordingly.

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If Charles were to address this plea solely to his Jewish readers, then fine.

I am of course deeply moved by this bereft Israeli mother’s plea, AND it also makes perfect sense for Jewish mothers who have lost children in the conflict to make such a plea, for it is truly the case that Israeli techno-military might will never achieve security for the Jewish people, despite Zionist brainwashing to the contrary. More and more Jewish mothers are indeed waking up to this reality.

However, to morally counsel a similarly bereft Palestinian mother to implore Palestinian resistance fighters to put down their weapons and cease fighting for freedom would be to attempt to coerce her acceptance of defeat and dispossession. To expect the colonized, the imprisoned, the enslaved to renounce violence, to lay down their arms and to beg for peace strikes me as reprehensible. Is it just “naive” to suggest that Palestinians do so, or is it a kind of surreptitious ethico-spiritual sabotage?

Our minds are all infected by a sort of “mind-virus”—call it the Story of Separation if you like—that has hijacked our perceptions (and therefore emotions), rendering us pawns in a scheme that ultimately serves none of us. However, we are not all equal in the roles into which we are being cast (neither in terms of benefits nor responsibilities): there is oppressor and oppressed, colonizer and colonized. Why does Charles refuse to acknowledge this gross structural asymmetry?

As I said in a previous comment, I agree with the basic insight, which is widespread among the freedom-minded these days, that victim consciousness is the only human malady, and there is probably no group more than the Jewish people who have so much to overcome in this regard, for their claim to victimhood—even when they have become the architects of concentration camps and the perpetrators of ethnic-cleansing and genocide—is practically unassailable.

We all need to examine our own identification with victim consciousness since it is through our trauma that our perceptions and emotions are hijacked and we are thereby controlled, but I would say that you have to enjoy some degree of relative safety in order to really undertake this work, and the imprisoned of the world’s largest concentration camp (i.e., the people of Gaza) do not have that luxury.

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Oct 18, 2023·edited Oct 18, 2023

You're asking for peace between people seduced into hatred and moral superiority by organized religions, by feverish nationalism and patriotism. The truth is nationalism is a dead end and patriotism is a trick. Waving a flag while cursing those who are waving a different one is the worst kind of mass hypnosis. Unless people wake up to the fact that they've been had, they've been played, that all of life in fact is sacred including the lives of our "enemies," asking for peace on a global scale feels like a steep climb. Instead, let's find a way out of patriarchy and capitalism which power so much of our ignoble, ultimately self-defeating behavior

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“A true leader is someone who sets a new course, not someone who merely presides over the momentum of what already is.”

Love it

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I am reminded of the words of a song I learned long ago. "Let there be peace on Earth, and let it begin with me." If only humanity could heed this call we might have a chance for the human species to survive.

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I have noticed that since the most recent, and rather dramatic, flare up of hostilities in Palestine / Israel, the major media, and even commentary spaces like this one here, are only very rarely mentioning a key word in the story, which word is apartheid -- an internationally recognized crime against humanity.

Why is this? Is it because the center of world empire's central government -- the USA -- has a regime and president which refuses to acknowledge that Israel has been an apartheid state for a long time?

Yes, I too long to end all of the bloodletting, the cycle of vengeance. But I don't think we can do this without acknowledging that Israel is an apartheid state, imposing apartheid upon the people of Palestine. We cannot, and should not, cover the A word with a fig leaf, for fear that it is "taking sides" to mention its fact. (It is a fact, not a mere opinion.) It's not taking sides! It's calling a spade a spade. It's providing the people of Israel with an opportunity to see much more clearly what the present flare up is really all about, so they can bring empathy and compassion to the shared table.

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I encourage everyone to give to the Palestine Children's Relief fund or to other charities that help Palestinians. I personally intend to give my donation in the name of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I of course will let him know I did so.

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Thank you. It's not naive. It is simple. People, all people must stop supporting their leaders, if they support war.

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This quote is the same one I used when I reposted on Instagram. How heart-wrenchingly beautiful to witness this mother's sanity...may it reach millions. Thank you for everything you're writing these days, Charles. I feel the more beautiful world deep in my bones, and your words make this even more real. ♥️

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You know Charles. there is a very well known and time tested saying that applies perfectly to your current situation and the well justified scathing heat you are catching for continuing to post on this subject..

The *first* thing to do when you find yourself in a deepening hole with a shovel in your hand, is to STOP DIGGING.

Please, just stop.

As has been repeated to you, I'm guessing at least scores of times in the last week, no heroic personal or leadership, choices or sacrifice, to let go of vengeance, are necessary to end the so called 'cycle of violence' in Palestine. No one needs to engage angst ridden inner struggle against their own internal feelings of hatred.

ALL that needs to happen to end this horror, is for Israel to end its decades of illegal occupation and war on the West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza, immediately. If Israel did this, the bloodshed would end the next day. This situation has nothing to do with "cycles" of hate and vengeance, and EVERYTHING to do with Israel egregiously continuing to blatantly violate international law.

And if Israel refuses to stop, the world needs to boycott and sanction Israel, especially with regard to weapons and military funding, until Israel has no choice but to stop, because it becomes physically impossible for it to continue its illegal war and occupation. This is exactly how South African apartheid was ended, and it is exactly how we can end Israeli apartheid.

So again, to both you and Israel. Please..


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This is very beautiful Charles, thank you for holding space for this vision of sanity and peace amidst the chaos.

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This this this. Thank you for your words, for sharing this clip, for having the courage to ask for peace, and also recognizing the great hurt that stands between it. But it IS possible. We CAN, collectively, call in a new paradigm. One where we can each recognize ourselves in the face of the other, our own heartbeat in theirs. May love, connections, “naïvety” lead the way. I use brackets, because is it naïve, really? Or incredibly farsighted? Brave? Wise beyond measure?

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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for theirs are the Kingdom of Heaven."

And the peacemakers catch flak from both sides, because they refuse to blind themselves to the atrocities committed by either side, and to the sufferings endured by either side.

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What a courageous mother! Our of her terrible loss and grief she weaves a prayer for peace - a true prayer shawl woven from love, humility, despair, and truth. There are many who won't be able to hear her prayer, too caught up in their stories of right and wrong, blame and innocence, perpetrator and victim, but maybe enough of humanity will. What will it take for the world's humans to wake up from their self-inflicted nightmare of fear and hatred? It will take a million acts like this mother's; maybe 100 million such selfless courageous acts. If there is any hope for a new world, it lies in this: that out of millions of experiences of personal loss and suffering a new story will be woven, a promise to ourselves for peace, for understanding, for forgiveness, and love.

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