Hi Charles, I also agree that your latest essay on ‘How can the Environmental movement find its way again’ is an important piece so I have shared it far and wide. As an ex Green Party candidate here in the UK I have become disillusioned with the Green Party especially their stance on the vax and the 1 dimensional vision of CO2 being the only issue. I am politically homeless now. Thank u for connecting the dots with water being at the core of our existence. Dr Tom Cowans reminded me during the COVID thing how important water is, particularly structured water. I now have the language to make a reasonable explanation of the ignored part of being Green, caring for the environment and reducing toxins etc and bringing the focus back from gases in the clouds to the reality here and now on our doorsteps. Thanks.

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Hello Charles. Thank you for all you give - your good heart expressed through your clarity of thought, your sweet compassionate soul. I've been wanting to share this with you for some time, and the actual time has arrived! I wrote this in September 2019 and it is, to me, ever more relevant. I hope it finds resonance with you.

The Quickening

Something is coming

Do you hear it?

Do you see it?

Do you feel it?

Something is coming

Know it

Love it

Be it

Something huge is coming

sending shock waves ahead

rippling through us

ripping like a love hurricane

shaking all our structures to pieces

Nothing of the old will survive

inside or out

Taking no hostages

creating the new as it moves

it will vaporize all illusion

like mist in the soft morning sun

Andrea Gietz

Edmonton, September 2019

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Not a comment but a question about the event in Boulder on April 1.

Is it possible to watch it later because I live in Germany and 6 pm would be in the middle of the night.. ??? Thanks 🙏

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You should come to Montana.....

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Charles, I agree that the essay your published yesterday is one of the best pieces you've written recently. Well said. I don't share much of FB but I put that one, set on "public," on my timeline. Thank you 🌿

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Hello dear Marliese. I have no idea!

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Charles. I'm so glad you are here and appreciate all your efforts and insight. And yes, creating a new mythology. I read, a long while back, something you mentioned about the classic Hero's Journey morphing into a new and different mythology. I want to learn more about this.

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Hi Charles, my name is Phil Moore, I'll also be in Austin at the conference. We almost met when I was visiting Kerry Lindsay, and Jeff Carreira at the Cove a few years ago. Would like to connect with you if possible.



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