Hi Charles, I would like to know your status with the RFK jr. Campaign. Still involved?

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I think, as many people do, that RFK Jr.'s campaign was stifled. He no longer appears anywhere, and yet has the supposed support of Charles Eisenstein. Somebody said that Charles gets 20K a month to be his adviser since March 2023, and then by October, he abdicated from the Democratic party and went Independent. A more beautiful world will always require honesty, and these progress reports are getting pretty flimsy. To think that the world is in the hands of two old phony's is not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, I see a flim-flam man here.

Yet, I am always looking for the honesty in the egg. We'll see.

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I love that you have begun to more openly embrace the New Age-isms.

In The More Beautiful World I think you used a phrase like “I don’t want to sound like I’m doing fluffy headed New Age thinking” or something and I just wanted to say, “wait, maybe we don’t have to mock this movement, milieu, moment or whatever it is. Maybe it has value!”

I think it’s starting to become more mainstream. Pretty much everyone can identify the “vibe” of a room now or explain whether they “resonate” with an idea.

Thanks for being a standard bearer in that morphic push!

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I think what you're doing is grand.. More power to you..

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When I saw this posted, I began to wonder... "I wonder whatever happens to the RFK campaign?". And that also got me wondering, "I wonder whatever happened to the Cornell West campaign?"

I suppose I should not wonder, as it is obvious. The powers that be own and control the media and the political parties. That explains everything, I suppose. Doesn't it?

NYT Headline today:

Kennedy Family, Sans R.F.K. Jr., Poses With Biden at the White House

Prediction: the presidential election debates, if they occur at all, will include only two candidates. You know which ones.

Did you know that the Commission on Presidential Debates (if it still exists: this is old info) was created by the two dominant US political parties, Democrats and Republicans -- as a private institution, not a public one? Do you know why? I do. Ask me if you don't know why, and why the question matters.

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Hello James.....Why?

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Hi Lisa.

The CPD was created as a private corporation (a nonprofit) in order to maintain complete internal control by its board of directors, who were/are members of the Democratic and Republican parties. It is to the mutual benefit of these two parties to control the Debate process, especially the criteria by which "third parties" (any political party other than these two) will be allowed to participate in the debates. The Democrats and Republicans are in competition with one another, but in this case they are in collaboration with one another against all other contenders. These two parties maintain their "duopoly" through collaboration against all others.

If the CPD were publically owned and controlled, rather than privately owned and controlled, the broad public would have a role in deciding who gets to participate in the debates.


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Hello I hope you can help I’m 78 and healthy no meds no health issue I live in Canada. I’ve read actually just finished reading the coronation and it just blew me away. My problem is I don’t have anyone to talk to about your ideas but I am on Facebook even though, I’m not computer savvy so I was hoping maybe to find a Facebook site where people come together to discuss your concepts your ideas your hope for the future. By the way, millions of people are benefitting from your ideas all the best Joel.

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Thank you Charles for bringing the chronic illness' rampant manifestation in the US. The story of convenience, media hypnotizing the masses about what is "good" for you, and seeing neglect as the only way to thrive, is to me, the greatest blindspot of all time. The simple unveiling of gluten and pesticides kill health, is the most profound one. Even more profound than the cartoon politics at hand. Those who neglect health and give politics more importance are exactly those I choose to have compassion for. I was deeply moved, especially when my life partner's 6 brothers and sisters are all suffering with chronic illness. He is the healthiest men I have met (in his mid 60's). What makes him different: what we eat! What breaks our hearts is that when the veil is on, even if the truth breathes in your neck, the veil has a hold on its yoke of neglect.

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There is an alchemy available at all times, but it transcends the bodily organism. I realize that this is Charles' blog, but he is not nearly doing enough to bring forth the existence of Spiritual Science, which works consistently on the Soul, as Its evolutionary agent. You do see the Internet as the conspiratorial mechanism for the propaganda machine, which is driven by adversarial forces, and then creates the evil sickness known as "social media", and how reactionary and unloving it can be. This is the poison that evil forces want to spread. Spirit is for truth, and not to be mean and spiteful. If Charles wants to know what has already been placed in the world for his advocation, then he needs to be more communicative. He rarely responds to anyone, and I have always had the pleasure of writing to those who care, like you. Thanks.

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Charles knows what he knows, you know what you know, I have my perspective, approach, programs and methods. Why can't we just trust that each human with a calling to address these issues has a tiny nugget of the INFINITE picture we cannot even begin to wrasp. I appreciate you voicing your truth, but the pattern of being critical of those we are just doing their best, I find it unproductive and inneficient.

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Sorry if I appeared unproductive and inefficient, but there are many critical components to consider, and the opinion mill needs to connect more closely with what is known as "Inherent Truth". I am aware that Pontius Pilate asked Christ, "What is truth"? Then, he brings Him out to the people and says, "I find no guilt in this Man". This was the Truth!! Very paradoxical. Dealing with paradoxes can be tricky when the bigger picture is sought.

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Why is this thread not going anywhere? Have people lost confidence? You bet. For example, when JFK died in 1963, it was not a matter of cognitive dissonance, but a total lie about what took place. And this lie persisted for some 12 years, until the Zapruder film was shown on the Geraldo Rivera show in March 1975. This is when we saw the brutal public execution of the 35th POTUS. I was 13 years old when JFK was murdered, and remember it very well as the loss of a generation. Nobody can come along later, who did not experience this man, and say anything about 'cognitive dissonance'. This is nonsense.

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“Life is comprised of an eternal succession of ideas

and of manifestations of cosmic energies.

How can a spirit who does not project his thought

into the realm of ideas adopt the concept of Infinity!

When thought will take on the significance

of something vital and realizable,

it will reveal to man where is joy and where is truth.”https://blog-en.theplanetarysystem.org/2024/03/20/humanity-initiates-into-the-fiery-power-of-ideas/

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