I've also been called a luddite (well Amish to be precise) by returning to an older "tech" - we farm and log with draft horses...they are surprisingly well suited to the task ;).

It's almost like society is averse to something that worked well for millennia, was suddenly displaced by 7-8 decades of irrational exuberance and mindless consumption and can only see through a lens of progress at all costs.

To be clear, we do make use of many modern technologies (I'm doing so now obviously)...but abandoning certain things (in this case our deep and profound connection to the horse) is a grave error IMHO. It's been a wonderful experience - as though we have re-established a connection to our civilizational heritage. They are remarkable partners and I certainly can't imagine a life without them at this point!

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I cling to my corded headphones with the lightning dongle adaptor like my life depends on them 😂

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have a feeling air pods will be a significant chapter in the tragedy of the human radiation experiment... https://ehtrust.org/airpods-facts-health-effects-of-wireless-radiation-to-the-brain/

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I like this concept of the corded air pods that you speak of, and why not go for an even more comfortable approach by attaching air muffs which the speakers would go into which then are placed on the outer ears. Crazy concept but I believe it can be done. They will keep the ears warm during cold weather AND potentially protect the ear drums from hearing loss which, from what I hear, these air pods are contributing to. Also free of radiation! Every time I see people wearing air pods it reminds me of a Doctor Who episode in which everyone had cellular wifi pods they put in their ears that were all the rage. By the end of the two part episode everyone was getting turned into cybermen which was done by sending a radio frequency into the pods thus gaining control over the person. So yeah, I don't touch air pods with a 200 foot pole. But I don't even have a smart phone at this point, so who's a Luddite now.

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Charles, your invention is brilliant! Unfortunately, it's already been done. I actually own one of these devices, and while it is a boring black and not a vibrant yellow, it works exactly as you described. So I'm afraid your get-rich-quick scheme is doomed to failure, at least for now. Try again in a few years, when existing examples of this device are so rare as to be collector's items.

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The Indie Birth Midwifery School sounds like an amazing project, Charles! Anything that can help mothers give birth the way Nature intended is a very good idea. I already didn't have nice things to say about hospitals (I know, there are many good people working in them!) but when I saw them masking newborns and mothers in labor, shielded from their babies, that was a new low. And, then lets not forget the baby starting its life under fluorescent lighting, in a "sterile" environment, with a toxic cocktail of vaccines awaiting him or her. We can do better and this sounds like a great start. Thx for sharing!

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the Sanctuary reminds me of The Farm. where ina may gaskin birthed many a baby along with other midwives. there is a documentary called. Birth Story. ina may gaskin and The Farm midwives. also read a book. a long long time ago about the Farm. The Sanctuary is offering a compassionate and much needed service.

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SNL did a skit years ago where the cell phone kept getting smaller and smaller until it was about the size of a raisin, and almost impossible to use effectively. It was also easy to lose. Techne means "skill" so I'm not opposed to utilizing the skills we have at our disposal but taking a technology beyond any reasonable sense of convenience or utility is idiotic.

I recently discovered some old school technology that basically installed itself into my car. My car has a safety feature which requires me to engage the clutch in order to start the car. There's a rubber spacer between the clutch and a button placed in the firewall. It fell out.

I could have replaced it with a short bolt and a lock washer, but if someone were to hack my key fob, even if they have an OMBII reader, I doubt they're going to be able to figure out how to diagnose the problem. These technology hackers only know how to hack into software. Chances are they'll just assume that whoever owns the car has some sort of software installed that they can't hack into yet.

So now I have to reach down and depress the button with my finger. It requires that I stay in shape and remain flexible. It's a little yoga exercise I do whenever I want to start my car.

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Big yes on the earphone idea and am happy to support its development!!

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Out of pure curiosity I went through the donation process just to find out more about the 4th item you mentioned haha. Based on the sales page, and your style of humor around leading readers down a path often for a bigger point, I honestly wasn’t sure it was a real thing and was simply curious to find out where that trail would lead! After checkout I found the website and was pleasantly surprised to discover I had in fact donated to a real group of humans doing real beautiful work haha. Then my meager dollar felt silly! Lol

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Regarding freedom, independence and interdependence, I highly recommend the documentary Infinite potential https://www.infinitepotential.com/

There’s no such thing as freedom meaning free from our context and relationships. We are part and parcel, tat tvam asi. And quantum physics seems to show this undisputed level truth.

David Bohm was excommunicated and shunned because of his insight, especially since it seems like communist ideas were actually supported in physics as well as social and economic science.



Join us on an incredible journey into the nature of life and Reality with David Bohm, the man Einstein called his “spiritual son” and the Dalai Lama his “science guru”. A brilliant physicist, Bohm got the attention of the greatest minds in science, including Robert Oppenheimer, who became his thesis advisor.

Bohm’s incredible insights into the underlying nature of reality and the profound interconnectedness of the Universe and our place within it are ground-breaking and transformational.

But his revolutionary ideas were way ahead of their time and posed a threat to the scientific orthodoxy, which dismissed him and forced him into exile

This documentary should be seen by every living human being…

His questioning of the scientific orthodoxy was the expression of a rare and maverick intelligence. He shows us that the nature of reality is infinite and believed in a “hidden” regime of reality – the Quantum Potential – that underlies all of creation and which will remain beyond scientific endeavor, an idea echoed by many mystical traditions.

We are all participants and observers in the emergence of a reality…the Observer is the Observed. Bohm shows us that we are all co-producers of a possible future in which personal and global transformation is possible.

He invites us on a journey into the heart of our being, into consciousness itself…

A very special group of scientists, philosophers, colleagues, and friends were interviewed, sharing their memories, collaboration and their personal shared life experiences with David Bohm


“The essential quality of the infinite is its subtlety, its intangibility. This quality is conveyed in the word spirit, whose root meaning is ‘wind or breath.’ That which is truly alive is the energy of spirit, and this is never born and never dies.”

– David Bohm

“Space is not empty. It’s full. It is the ground for the existence of everything, including ourselves”

– David Bohm

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There's no port to plug into on my fancy new phone.

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Oct 8, 2022·edited Oct 8, 2022

The hospital birth experience was clearly traumatic for both my first youngling and her mother. It cost thousands of dollars, a forced two day hospital stay for both of them, and a myriad of stupid "well baby" visits where we waited for 30-60 minutes past appointment time for a brief look over, and verification the child was developing fine. At least we were lucky enough to have a medic who listened and didn't push vaccination after the first two visits got him lectured on the documented safety issues with that garbage (back when you had to present bound literature for research documentation instead of internet links.)

My second one had a midwife assisted home birth, where both mother and child were calm and untraumatized. It cost me teaching the midwife's partner by example how to change the head gasket on his truck engine.

Three cheers for midwives!

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LOLs x

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