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Hey everyone, I want to apologize for not attending to comments on my last post. I have been undergoing dental work and experiencing a longer than expected recovery from the surgery. It has been illuminating to witness what constant pain brings out in my psyche. It really heightens feelings of alienation, futility, and not wanting to be here. These thoughts are quieter when I’m feeling great! It reminds me of how deeply our worldviews depend on our physical conditions (and other conditions). New Age Law of Attraction thinking says that our thoughts generate our reality, but it sure seems to me to be at least as much the reverse. Is it that my “negativity” caused my dental problems? Or is it that my dental problems are making me negative? Or could this be a false dichotomy? Maybe thought and circumstance together form a integral state of being that the soul has chosen to traverse. Or maybe shit just happens, and it is our responses that provide the avenue for the soul’s development.

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