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I just want to say thank you. I have found your voice to be one of the most courageous and also sane during this truly incredible, terrifying time….. from forced vaccinations to transhumanism. Your depth of perspective, groundedness and soul’s message really shine the light. What a breath of fresh air and so necessary. These things did indeed need to be said. Thank you 🙏🏼

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You have given us so much. Please take time to heal and restore.

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A slight reminder that the dichotomies disappear when love informs perception. And that reminder is for myself and thanks to you for the reminder. As always, I love you, and appreciate your willingness to speak your truth to the best of your abilities. 

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Ha! I had a very similar experience a few months back first one tooth on the right then its opposite on the left. I know my dentists nurse quite well (small close community) & she said we're getting a lot of men with similar problems & she attributes this to clenching of the teeth.

I immediately thought I dont clench my teeth , consciously. Like you I also thought wheres the karma? After the pains gone & time has moved on I realise I have always resisted the whole mask/vax thing & I'm brave to do so (inspired by Charles Eisenstein) however I paid for it unconsciously at night grinding my teeth especially after a day in town.

Awareness is the key.

Thanks for the update.

We love you Man!

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Take care Charles. Do whatever you need to do. We will be here waiting.💜🙏🏻

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Thank you, Charles. I only subscribe to two people on the planet that I actually pay something to monthly. You, and James Corbett of the Corbett Report. And, even though it is very minimal, it says a lot. I love and appreciate you so much.

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Sorry you had a rough time at the Dentist. Homeopathy can really help with things like that. Many people avoid a lot of pain and suffering with a few well chosen remedies.

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just take care of yourself....most important is for each of our Lights to shine as brightly as possible and that means nurturing ourself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. We are all connected and as you heal so does the web of Life....xoxox

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Caring for the Soul is an important step to replenish in order to begin anew! thank you Charles for your service in the name of Love.

All best. Namaste.

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Yeah, no...it was the readers that paid for the dental work, but that's beside the point. You write well enough to garner a wage from readers. I'd be proud of them tushes! ;-)

Our health is really all we have Charles. Without it, we cannot love. We cannot care for others, especially if we're hurting.

So, a Sabbatical is always a welcome respite from the everyday grind. Give the body a chance to recoup, regroup, unwind, and refine some of your future essays?

Yeah, shit does happen bro. Some of it is of our making, some is shit just happens?! We're all a little bit 'Forrest Gump"[ed] in those regards?

That said, our soul does have the last word, in that, it tells us when the time for change is nigh.

Get some rest. Eat healthy. Exercise in some way? Ava and I love walking. I am 67, and we still hold hands. My greatest thrill! :-) but most of all? Continue writing! Let it out on paper.

Present Perfect.

Peace out!

“The world is more like it is now then it ever has before.”

― Dwight Eisenhower

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It is best to take care of oneself. I was trying to say more about this but my longer, well considered comment got lost and then I had a variety of problems getting back to this comment page, including having to sign in twice (but oddly, no password was required). So I will just say, Charles, it is best to take care of yourself first. I doubt that anyone will care about your taking a break, except of course to care that you have not been well and to miss your input and to wish you a full, restorative recovery.

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Thanks for keeping us informed, Charles--May you have a smooth recovery and a refreshing break.

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It's also August. whew.

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Just remember - this is not a time to get lazy with nutrition. Smoothies. Liquid vitimins/minerals. Soups. Yep. Shit happens, but don't stay down. Rest, get well - and come on back! !!

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My first ever comment comes on your “quick note”.

I love how you put down what you’re picking up. You write like you’re speaking it as you go along. My favourite kind.

Bravo & thank you 🙏

I’ve been feeling, thinking and experiencing the exact same things in my world without the sore mouth. Mines been a broken heart. But sore and not requiring sympathy also because I’ll live.

I’ve been clearly instructed to take time out to restore my soul. Disconnect from everything for a while. Slow right down. Check in with myself and my guides daily and often. Make new habits of showing up only for me. Allow my guardians to lead. Sounds like what’s happening for you.

What truly prompted my first ever comment was yours. “I hope people don’t mind.”

I’d like like to remind you that whatever is for your highest and best for your soul is never a an issue for others: people won’t mind. I certainly don’t.

Thank you for being you! You are refreshing to read. Your open honesty appreciated. Enjoy your break. You deserve it. Read you when you pop back in whenever you do. Namaste 🙏

P.S. I love the series of questions re: negativity. My thoughts exactly!

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You are on the path you need to be on. Take care of yourself. Thank you for your beautiful writing’s. We will be here when you come back.

PS true about homeopathy. 😊

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