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Will the call be recorded so that people who cannot attend "live" will be able to view it afterwards?

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Grateful. 🙏🏼 Your conversation infused me with a renewed, powerful reminder of my teensy role in the breakdown, as well as co-creating the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible. My prayer is to build our emotional capacity for seeing the shadows within and without. As beings made of energy and sound, we can show Mama Earth our love and awe. We can learn to melt our fears and anxiety in real time, with simple tools of breath and vibration. We can lift the veil to greater truths, bypass old stories of blame, and touch the beauty of our humanness. 💗

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I am so-totally in!

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The state of the world is a reflection of the state of our minds.

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One way I find that I cannot be sure of "what is real" anymore, is with the day to day weather. I have been following geoengineeringwatch.org with Dane Wigington who has convinced me that there is manipulation going on with stratospheric injections, etc. After awhile I realized that by cognizing the weather this way, I lost my sense of awe and wonder and enjoyment of it. After listening to Charles' address (and especially his comment about AI) I can see that geoengineering is both true and a myth. I don't want to feed its power by focusing my consciousness on my belief that it is being manipulated and I am powerless against the manipulative forces. I appreciate that Wigington has unveiled some truth I was unaware of, but I want to devote my energy to another truth/myth that the atmosphere is conscious and that we can engage with it directly as many indigenous groups have/do. I want to gather with others to call out the clouds and and the pure blue of the sky as a conscious act. Can anyone resonate with this sentiment?

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Thank you Charles, Patsy & crew. This is what I heard...

That focus on the negtive leaves out so much of the positive . All things are connected. Wars happen behind a veil & the veil is perpetuated by fearfully removing those that try to expose the truth. All positive acts of kindness or compassion enter the mophic field & so assist in the whole awakening. Being confronted with the truth is blinding for many.

With much gratitude. Looking forward to the state of the world being beautiful....

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This sounds great!

The main thing I am wondering about right now is whether or not you are still supporting RFK jr. I keep waiting and hoping that he shifts his position on the Israeli/Palestinian situation, but he doesn’t seem to be budging. I don’t get it. I can’t make sense of it, can you?

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Sounds great Charles! I will be there! I will also open up a Zoom room when your call ends for folks from either the Kennedy campaign or the Sanity Project to share reflections and process together.

I wrote up my reflections on the last call you hosted, and described the role I am hoping to play by facilitating meetings more frequently on Zoom. More info on my blog: https://open.substack.com/pub/waterbird/p/eisensteinkennedy-zoom-reflections?r=xivx3&utm_medium=ios&utm_campaign=post

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Love the combo of sources for the 'State of the World.' Exactly the mix necessary to approach coming events.

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Would love to hear, am working then, please send out recording?

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Oh, thank all that is holy for this offering. I’m so devastated with the horrors that are happening in the Middle East. I turn to your books and interviews to keep my head above water. I want to do something but I don’t know what but there’s a call to take action even with this heavy, unbearable shock and sorrow at the state of the world. It’s like an awakening of sorts. But at a horrifying cost. Thank you for what you do. You are a gift and inspiration to us. To the world.

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Not grandious , something real to look forward to! Thankyou !

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Sounds like fun, be free, Charles! “You shall go out in joy and be led forth in peace” from the book of Isaiah

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Great idea!! Will be there.

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I just received this email from MoveOn.:

"Dear MoveOn member,

Spoiler alert: Politico reports that "independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is polling as high as the low twenties in a three-way race with President Joe Biden and Donald Trump."1 Or, as Vanity Fair says more bluntly, "A Bats*it Number of Young Swing State Voters Think RFK Jr. Should Be President."2


Meanwhile, third-party-spoiler-campaign-in-waiting No Labels has pledged to announce its candidate for the White House by early April—and Chris Christie is looking increasingly likely as its nominee.3

If you have any doubt about the stakes and who these third-party efforts will help, consider that both RFK Jr. and No Labels are getting significant funding from well-heeled Trump supporters.4,5 This, in a year when experts expect this election to be nail-bitingly close.6 A year where just a few thousand votes in a small handful of states could determine the outcome. As one senior Democrat says, "If you move 7,000 people in a couple of these states, that's the ballgame."7"


The MoveOn email went on further, but that's the gist of it.

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Equating the life of Hind Rajab, an innocent 6 year old girl, to the life of an IDF soldier is philosophically and ethically wrong. This strange equivalence, with which Eisenstein opens his “address”, presented as a spiritual and non partisan view and followed immediately by the classic whataboutery of Yemen, reveals Eisenstein’s great compromise when it comes to Israel.

How does this story feel? That Charles Eisenstein, American Jew and supporter of pro Israel hardliner RFK, can’t get his ethics straight when it comes to Israeli infanticide? It should hardly be surprising, yet it feels like a betrayal or disillusionment.

Look away from Gaza, he says. Let’s not forget the persecution of the Jews. War is bad. Let’s engage with it in a different way. Never mind that Gaza is not war, it is genocide. It is fighter jets dropping American bombs on a refugee camp full of children.

For the author of “The More Beautiful World…” not to call this out is a betrayal of the hope the book inspired. It is a betrayal of the human heart.

And what is this new way of engaging? This space between stories, where Hind Rajab is the equivalent of her murderers? Is it a turning of the other cheek? The way of Jesus or Buddha? How many here are at that level?

Exactly. And that is why Charles and the ironically named Patsy are Pied Pipers leading the dance of spiritual bypassing.

If we cannot call the mass murder of thousands of innocent people genocide, if we cannot denounce the sheer duplicity and thuggery of the IDF and Israeli leadership, but let it all blur into some fuzzy morphogenetic “space between stories” then at least be consistent. There was no persecution of the Jews. There was a war. There were far more Germans killed than Jews and their lives are morally and ethically equal anyway.

Let us turn away from the events in Gaza—it is only global antisemitism that picks them out, right? What about Congo? What about Yemen? What about Ukraine? What about aliens interrupting the YouTube channel? Woohoo!

Meanwhile, the Jewish Holy Land whose vile actions against children Eisenstein cannot bear to call out, is preparing a ground invasion of Rafah.

Turn away, nothing to see here.

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