The lies about viruses and germ theory also need to be addressed if we are to gain trust in authority.

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It will prove to be important that we finally get a handle on the JFK assassination 60 years ago. Back in 2003, and some might remember this, ABC did a profile on the 40th anniversary of the event, which was hosted by Peter Jennings. He tried in the most flagrant of ways to bring the assassination back to Lee Harvey Oswald. What a joke. I was sickened by the whole charade, which I think is why today we are still so confused. Kennedy was murdered, Mafia style, as a carefully orchestrated public execution. That is why the Zapruder film was locked away for twelve years, and only shown in March 1975, after the Vietnam War had concluded with Vietnam becoming totally Communist. Then, it was shown for the first time that JFK got his brain blown out of his head. This means that 58,000 U.S. soldiers were killed in a meaningless civil war that got ramped to being a kind of world war in southeast Asia. It led to Richard Nixon's decision to bomb Laos and Cambodia in 1972, which would lead to the Khmer Rouge genocide of 1975. Then, and only then, did the public see the brutal assassination of a President. This man had every idea of what was good for the world. Some remember the Spirit working behind the scenes. His brother also bore this kind of spiritual agency. He was going to expose the whole charade of the Vietnam War, but instead was shot with a pistol, just one and a half centimetres behind his right ear, according to Los Angeles coroner, Thomas Noguchi in 1968. Further evidence indicates that it was Thane Eugene Caesar., a security guard, that killed RFK after winning the presidential nomination on June 4, 1968. Remember when he said: It is on to Chicago, and let us win there. I remember my father feeling about as hopeless as possible that night. I was just seventeen years old, and had just graduated from High School. Devastating. Maybe that is why we are having this conversation today in 2023.

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Thank you for the piece around Disclosure. The practice of vulnerability bears unspeakable value at a systemic level, yet must begin with individuals who who can take the scary step to see and be seen by one another.

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I agree entirely with your thought that healing begins with bringing disease to light: “Evil must be somehow hidden—behind euphemisms, ideologies, justifications, or secrets.) The way to undo the effects of a lie is to reveal it. That is how to remove the pellet and clean the wound.”

Regards the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine, you commented that “Many are singing the same tune now, wanting the carnage to stop and holding that higher than being right.” (https://substack.com/profile/1969644-charles-eisenstein/note/c-44096839?r=2vuer&utm_medium=ios&utm_source=notes-share-action) Which could be read as “undoing lies (e.g. that Israel is defending itself against terrorists in tunnels built by Israel beneath Al Shifa hospital) is a side issue to stopping the carnage.” Which seems contradictory to your point about cleaning the wound (in this case) of Zionist propaganda. The most direct way to stop the murder of wounded children seems to be a ceasefire and prisoner exchange. That is currently taking place. As @aaronmate and others have documented, Hamas proposed that a month ago. Israel rejected the proposal. We shall see what happens after the “humanitarian pause” but however Israel plays it, the optics of wounded children are indelibly printed in the global psyche.

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Beautifully written. Charles looks deep and wide fearlessly exposing the hidden corners of the larger picture. The changes will come one heart at a time. The One will become the Many, the Many will become the All. I am responsible for the One that becomes the change I seek. It must start in my heart as a behavior, action, and intention. Charles is one such example to which I am very grateful.

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I remember that day. Life would never be the same. Dreams were shattered. Patterns of unacknowledged despair began to infect our collective consciousness. One after the other, the assassinations of the 60s, sidetracked a whole generation that was poised to create a better world. Healing became an impossibility. A silent hopelessness took hold. Today, the aging baby boomers express a kind of blustery false power born of contraction and impotence. Disclosure will shine light into the shadow, give voice to the silence, reveal the wounds, make healing possible. And return truth and beauty to their rightful heights. This grief that pervades humanity can be transmuted. Courage is called for, from all of us.

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America is us. It is only as good as we collectively are.. So just shine your brightest self and make America greater in the process. For the dark fears nothing more than the light.

Happy Thanksgiving All!


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Very well said Charles. Thank you!

In particular "Lies tend to grow over time as further lies are required to maintain the original. Disclosure, then, has revolutionary implications, since revelation of the keystone lie will lead to the crumbling of the entire edifice of lies built around it."

Over the past 4 years, I have become more willing to open to more information and to begin to see the magnitude of lies that have been told - one "rug pull" after another, leaving me with the devastating feeling that everything we have been told was a lie. And that the indoctrination was begun very early in school, which is a whole other discussion.

I was in 6th grade when Kennedy was killed. I didn't know anything about politics and very little about him, but I could still feel the darkness that descended, made worse by all that followed. I found my own ways to disassociate from this sadness and carry on with my life, even through the Vietnam War, which affected me more directly, and other wars that followed. But the lockdowns and oppression that began in 2020 were what really began to open my eyes and my awareness.

Since that time, nothing has been the same for me and I have looked with shock and dismay at the world I had thought I understood, suddenly one lie after another being exposed as I looked deeper and deeper. The magnitude of all of this has felt overwhelming to me, and I have had to withrdaw sometimes to reground myself and breath, to remain connected with nature and all those things which I know to be true.

As I've been following RFK Jr's campaign since April, I've been reading many books about his life and feeling deeply connected to both his father and uncle. I awoke yesterday, feeling a deep sadness and remembering the song "Abraham, Martin and John". I went for a long walk on the beach to be with my feelings.

Later in the day, I discovered this video which a friend had posted on Facebook. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4oVpt_I9iQQ and once again more lies were shattered. I don't know about the validity of any of this information, but felt the ring of truth in my soul. I watched only the first 2 hours and will watch the rest now.

So once, again, I'm feeling the deep dismay of all of this. I wonder what's possible and if there's any way to free ourselves from this deep whirlpool of corruption and lies.

It may sound as if I have no hope, but actually that's not true. I do see a great deal of light in the world which is growing ever brighter, and know that many people are gradually waking up.

I also know that It takes only one candle to dispel darkness. The more truth candles that are lit, the brighter the light. It begins with each one of us, learning, listening, opening ourselves to let the sunshine in. And we need to take very good care of ourselves along the way.

As Charles so wisely reminds us, "And make no mistake, it takes courage to break ranks. Others will follow you. You know who you are. It is time."

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Well said. I feel that in terms of public distrust and anger against authority and the system, one main reason is due to the lies fed to the people by the extremely pro-capitalist, pro-corporation political system.

In general terms, the public were essentially told that they can achieve success and great opportunities based mainly on the premises of meritocracy and hard work, and that they should trust in the free market and the corporations to help improve their lives. But in reality, the political system is working with and beholden to the interests and greed of the corporations and the business class; it's very much one-sided towards this class.

This translates into the government implementing policies that mainly benefit this class and imposing lax regulations and taxation towards them, while the common people endure socioeconomic suffering in terms of low minimum wage, high costs of living, for example housing, education, healthcare, etc........most of which are due to the decisions of the business class to impose such high prices in order to reap greater profits.

As a result, the common people, especially those who're of lower socioeconomic status, become disillusioned and angry towards the political system, whom they can see doesn't prioritize their wellbeing, and is instead mainly concerned with enriching their own circle, including the business class. Additionally, this is one of the main influential factors for people to support more populist leaders, like Trump, who portray themselves to the voters as being anti-establishment and anti-corporations.

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Hi Charles. The timing of the shift you point to co-responds with the timing of USA-Zionist ties explained by Noam Chomsky. He points to 1967 as the time when USA's military-industrial machine made a deep bond with the only colonial-settler regime in the middle east. On the same line, RFK Jr. has not hidden his view of Israel, as a blooming of democracy in a desert of values such as democracy and human rights (middle east). In that sense, it is not easy to buy a man with such a twisted view on one of the most critical regions of our time and earth to be able to penetrate beyond the surface of the colonial regime. That image he has of middle east is the heart of colonialism itself. When one value system universalizes itself to a degree that it gets blind to the existence of diverse human value systems, that are not anchored on 'equality' or 'freedom' or 'rights' but a whole different set of values.

Like always, as an observer from middle east I highly appreciate your presence and illuminations coming from your place, through your efforts and words. I have also observed before, buying the image of a decent man like Obama with promisses for a deep change, and then leaving office with lives of two more nations in our region in complete chaos. The recent events around the RFK Jr. campaign shows no sign of a serious change in the mental-model dimension behind colonialism, in fact it shows the opposite. What he sees the middle east for, a place void of values, is the attentional-violence, the mother of all the other layers of violence we see unfolding, from media, to economy, health system, bombing etc... a true change comes from shifting that source, rather than fixing the symptoms of it in the political system.

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Nov 23, 2023·edited Nov 23, 2023

Whenever I periodically delve into the two Kennedy assassinations I stop because what I find is so disturbing. That happened when I tried to read the Douglass book you referred to. While not directly related, back in the late seventies I had an experience that somehow feels relevant to this.

I had a long layover at the O’Hare Airport in Chicago. I decided to take a walk outside. As I was going along a wave of what I can only describe as satanic evil suddenly washed over me from behind. I turned around and there behind me about 30 feet away was Henry Kissinger and two body guards.I turned right and headed back to the airport building.

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Glad that you chose to re-run this piece. Love the sentiment. However, as dramatic as the JFK assassination was (and its impact undeniable), it is certainly not the beginning of the post-WWII lying and secrecy by the state/government. I am now reading a biography of the anthropologist Cora DuBois. Cora was a leader of OSS in Indonesia during the War. She was an expert social scientist and an excellent manager. As a member of the State Dept after the War, she was a passionate voice for NOT supporting the militarization of Southeast Asia. A voice that fell on deaf ears as the OSS-turned-CiA and the rest of the military-industrial complex ramped up military engagement in Vietnam in 1951/52. It wasn't until the Pentagon Papers and Daniel Ellsberg in 1973 that the US government was forced to disclose that the US had boots on the ground there as early as 1955 (now considered the official beginning of American military involvement in Vietnam). Sadly, the alienation of the American political class from the American people predates the JFK assassination

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Yes, full disclosure would lance the boil. But maybe a 'little' disclosure is necessary first before everything is fully exposed.

After all, there is only so much the public can take in altogether. Do you clench your teeth as you rip off the band-aid in one quick action? Or do you ease it gently and slowly away from your skin, maybe pausing several times before it is eventually comes off? The first option might seem better. But are we ready for it? I mean REALLY ready?

I think the gentler option is what we'll actually get. It seems fairer to ease people into the truth, a bit at a time. It's happening already, and, like reading a thriller, those who want a bit more can skip ahead a few pages to find out what happens next. Or, as in a Netflix series released only a few episodes at a time, we can't binge-watch it all in one sitting. The final episode will appear after the intervening twists and turns have prepared our minds for the denouement. Even then I suspect it will be a shocker.

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This column really spoke to me - and this anniverary was every so important. What a 60th anniversary I have had - and I think you were the catalyst for its resonance.

This was my day: https://wvmetronews.com/2023/11/22/charleston-woman-marks-60th-anniversary-of-kennedy-assassination/?fbclid=IwAR1l-o-_uOHRiTVh3AcXMlvmheYNREWhUULN5xVgZ1tOe9MaRECutnljW2M

and then my Jackie doll changed from her pink suit and went with me to a tribute to The Band, which was an awesome way to power thru this dreary, mournful day.

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I was thirteen when JFK died, and even then I felt that he was a kind of guiding spirit, like Michael, I suppose. Over these 60 years, much has become known from the initial reports of a lone gunman shooting from behind. The Zapruder film was withheld for twelve years, which was the time it took for Vietnam to be lost to the Communist north of Ho Chi Minh. JFK intended to end the U.S. involvement in Vietnam with his re-election in 1964, but alas, became the victim of a mafia-style assassination perpetrated by his own protective service force, the Secret Service. He was murdered by the driver of the limo he was traveling in; William Greer. A book was written about this in 1974, but remained unpublished for nearly 40 years due to the controversy of implicating government forces in the assassination. "Murder From Within" by Fred Newcomb and Perry Adams.

Jackie is known for admiring her husband's efforts for the good of South America, with his Alliance for Progress project, as well as the Peace Corps, and Profiles in Courage. Yes, the world lost a veritable Michael spirit that day, 60 years ago. Does America have an evil twin? That has been proposed. A Doppelganger out to do no good under the guise of the Spirit of Freedom and Love.

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Maybe go back to the very beginning and follow the evidence from there...First nations people have known this, been pointing ti out since the beginning...


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