For any of you who feel called to donate to AAC, here's a link for you! https://aaconserve.org/give-now/

And please reach out to me if you have any questions. rebecca.allen@aaconserve.org

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Thank you so much for writing about this. I am retired and live in northern Ecuador. This country is so special and so important. It must be protected at all costs.

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Love this! Thank you so much, Charles, for this beautiful dialogue. It’s inspiring.

And I want you to take care of yourself during these interviews have a glass of water around! I’ve noticed in many of your interviews that something gets caught in your throat. Just want to make sure that you’re comfortable.

Keep up the good work, thank you 🙏

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A country. may be judged by it's people.My travels to Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica was delightful bcause of it's warm lovely people.

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Beautiful. Great organization that has the right concerns and does things in sensitive manner. I will make a donation.

There's only one thing that irked me: towards the end of the interview, Ms Allen, very whole heartedly and casually invites Charles to visit and offers to '' bring him down here''. NO! WHY? NO Longer! We collectively- and this is doubly true among environmetally conscious people- have to stop taking planes just for fun! THis HAS to be a thing of the past. Going to the Andes probably pollutes more than a midsize car for a whole year! We have to stop this madness! Stay home and go trekking on the nearby mountain or go to the beach or something, but, REFRAIN from taking another plane! It seems that no one even considers this: Aside from Greta Thunberg I hardly hear from anyone who will vouch to not taking planes if not absolutely necessary. Am I an extremist for advocating this? Please Charles, DON'T go to the Andes just to visit!!!

Sorry for this rant... I just can't anymore... All the planes, no one caring...

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Rudolf Steiner spoke about how the Andes-Amazon region would explicitly come to express the workings of the anti-Christ in the world. This has proven to be exact when we consider the 2000 mile expansion project in the 20th century. This is designed to express ecological starvation, with worldwide consequences . Thus, this becomes part of the Sorathian Mystery of the Apocalypse. When we consider the narrow corridor of land in Ecuador, and how to preserve it, this can be likened to when Alexander the Great arose to such a state of enlightenment in the Greek era, some 300 years before Christ, that he was compelled to open up the so-called, "Hellenistic Corridor" to the Promised Land for the Jews. I see a parallel of significance here in the same kind of gesture. If we can focus what amounts to a Christic kind of recognition of a place that can be saved, then does not consciousness arise for whatever else ails the world? Even the past can be redeemed of its indiscretions.

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Wonderful news.Much needed.

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Thank you for helping raise awareness on this subject matter Charles.

I have a friend who is doing some important work in regenerating the rainforest in the cloud forest of Ecuador. She is using regenerative agroforestry techniques to also simultaneously grow food and sell some amazing regeneratively grown Cacao.

You can learn more about her work here: https://www.sdvforest.com/agroforestry/rewild-regenerate-or-reforest

Anyone reading this who is interested in supporting her work (while also getting access to some amazing quality superfood) can buy some of her regeneratively grown Cacao beans here: https://www.sdvforest.com/buy

I also wrote an article that focuses on Theobroma Cacao (exploring it's natural habitat, ecological niche, health benefits to humans, agricultural history and potential as an ally species in regenerating forests) here:


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Great to see young people doing meaningful work!

Charles, just a couple.

Conservancy, not Conservency

Environmental, not envrionemental

Thanks for a fine post.

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Thank you for your concern for my chosen retirement, and final, destination on this earth.

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