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I shared this article because I was just having a conversation with a family member regarding how they spoke to me during the Covid Experience. They were angry to the point of insanity, shouting at me to "just take the shot" to save my Chiropractic practice and not "loose everything I worked for". They (and others in my family) were content having their holiday meals without my wife and I because we were considered lepers for not taking the shot. We were called 'murderers' for not taking the shot because somehow someone who had natural immunity from infection was somehow still going to get our relatives who were vaccinated sick and kill them if we visited them without having the shot.

And they asked me just this week if I was still upset with them. Honestly, that caught me off guard. Was I still upset with them? Honestly, I thought I had forgiven them until they asked. The honest answer was YES, I was still upset with them... but... I told them I had forgiven them and that was not the answer to their question. I was still VERY upset with them even though it was also true that I had forgiven them for the Nazi like treatment I received from my own family and friends.

Your article and talk were about about a new story. About rebuilding and restoring relationships and reconnecting with the disconnected. I desperately want to join you in doing this good work, however, I'm not ready to do that just yet. I agree with you that though the Plandemic may be over, the social and political landscapes remain unchanged. I think the Plandemic was a great tool for those who were able to stand our ground and stick to the Truth while those around us were fooled into believing a Story, an evil false narrative. I think that the greatest thing that came out of the Plandemic is that I now know who will turn on me like a viper when the next evil story is fed to them and who I can trust to defend the truth with me.

Typically I'm a pretty optimistic person. In fact, before the Plandemic I was an incurable optimist. Now, I'm an incurable realist who believes that a Sanity Project is an awesome idea for those that would choose to be sane however I spent the last 3 or 4 years watching people choose Insanity over sanity both willingly and when coerced by a free donut, a hamburger or a lottery ticket.

We just got done watching people first overlook evil. Then they permitted evil. Then they legalized evil, Then they promoted evil. Then they celebrated evil. Then they persecuted those who still called it evil. Then they threatened people like me with Prosecution for calling it evil. I'm not sure they're ready for a Sanity project. I think they're ready to usher in the next evil story like CBDC or a Digital Passport. Again, although that's not optimistic, it's realistic at this point. Do I forgive them? Yes. Am I still upset? Yes.

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"We have learned a lot over the past few years," you wrote. No kidding! The primary lesson we've taken to heart, I hope - beyond the life saving priority of community relationships - is to speak up. This recent debacle featured millions of us (including me) going along sheep-like, following insane declarations from those in power. Perhaps we got this lesson good now, that in the very moment we are ordered to do something stupid without question, that we speak up and resist. However we might word it or do it, I believe the sentiment would be something like: "No fucking way dude!"

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I suspect you've hit the zeitgeist with the "Sanity Project" Charles. Especially as society starts to become inundated with artificially generated AI content. We will all soon be crying out for healing, wholesome, restoring human relationships, from family to friends and even more genuine contact with colleagues and online connections.

I also think that spending time in Nature is vital for our sanity. As we start to learn that humanity's greatest role may just be to regenerate and fix what we have degenerated, we desperately need to first observe, understand and relearn the ways of Nature.

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You've identified the solution precisely. Building connections - real, personal, embodied, emotional connections, not the bloodless para social connectivity of the electronic network - is absolutely central to navigating our way through these hard times. More, many are lost in madness, still hypnotized by the hologram projected by the legacy media; they can't be reached, in general, via logic or argument. But they can be brought back to human sanity by relationship.

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A very insightful and timely message! The zeitgeist is sick and tired and dying of despair; the old order is crumbling and collapsing before our eyes; but as John Carter wrote in an encouraging piece today (https://barsoom.substack.com/p/determined-to-die), this is the natural life-cycle of our culture, and a new renaissance will arise like a Phoenix from the ashes. You nailed the other important theme, which is staying connected and grounded via real-life relationships. Together, we will get through this, and we will flourish on the other side.

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Thank you Charles. You’ve been a shining beacon of hope amidst the madness of the last few years. Another “pandemic”? I too doubt this. But they will try something, anything, to instill fear again, and make us more pliable. We absolutely need to stay ungovernable!!

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Thank you Charles! I watched the livestream, and I'm glad that the video link can be shared. The call for sanity seems vital right now. Appreciate you expanding upon this. Readiness for the maelstrom, some movement from the calamities of recent responses to covid, etc. I agree, the social or political conditions that fostered it haven't changed. Let's continue to generate projects that foster the needed changes. I for one desire to put my focus and energy there!

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This is so helpful and relevant. I wonder sometimes if people will wake up and realize that a virtual relationship is not the same as a real in-person relationship. It is not at all uncommon to see folks sitting at a table together, sometimes in a large group, and not one person is actually engaging with the person right next to them or across the table from them. They are all on their "smart" phones. It would be laughable if it weren't so sad.

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Thank you for your words and work towards keeping us sane. During the pandemic, I worked for a major publisher of wellness content. It was an interesting place to watch the insanity unfold from. I remember working on a major book for one of our authors, a woman I'd long admired, all about miraculous healing. When the book proposal came in, it focused on the importance of asking questions and trusting your intuition. By the time the book was published mid-pandemic, it had turned on a volatile mess of trusting science and avoiding cultural appropriation. Publicly, she was attacking anyone who spoke up for reason -- with much of vitriol aimed at you, Charles.

I then watched as the company I worked for removed publications from anyone who simply questioned popular narratives of the time -- not just cancelling new products, but actively removing listings from our back catalogue. At one point, I got a notification that I must be vaccinated to continue to hold my job, even though I worked from home in another state (which to be fair, was later rescinded, though I still quit).

Yet during this time of insanity, I found myself personally surrounded with the sane and compassionate. My friends and family were a mix of vaccinated and unvaccinated. And we continued to love and respect each other. We had long and layered conversations. While sometimes emotions arose, overall we honored each others' processes and our relationships withstood the trials of the times.

This collective of thoughtful, mixed voices existed largely in the background of public discourse. We weren't the ones posting online shame memes daily (though in my Scorpionic ways I regularly posted ponderings and questions that I hoped would subtly elicit self-reflection and a bit more sanity). I'm encouraged that there are pockets of the compassionate and sane who can continue to anchor these values moving forward. I suppose we might want to look at being a bit more publicly compassionate in the future.

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The weather manipulation has never been at its highest now. We all see it. Climate or any other tool they decide to use is at their disposal but it really will not work as they thought and they've already been warned of that. But psychopaths are like cornered animals. Their strength diminishing. Their last desperate efforts will be short lived but fight every moment against them we must.

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Charles Eisenstein is arguably one of the most soulful, enlightened, deep thinkers and philosophers of our time. Having met him over 10 years ago in person and studied his work since then, I can hoestly state that there are few if any others who can see the 'big picture' of species' evolution - both good and evil - and still create a clear vision of how we can find our way back to our humanity.

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Can I join this project?! Sorely needed :)

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I love that, couldnt agree more, and I'd to see the t-shirt- "Sanity is a group project."


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I Finger Painted With Picasso.

And All We Did Was Laugh

And Make Monkey Noises.

But This Isn’t Funny.

I Am No Longer Six.

I Am Sixty.

Fauci And His Flying Monkeys

Are Destroying A Masterpiece.

They Are Destroying The Human Form.

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The Vaccines Saved

Millions Of Lives

Of Those Smart Enough

Not To Take Them

And To Have Learned


To Trust These Idiots Again.

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Charles, I can relate to your description of going into states of despair and then having allies lift you up and hold the vision of the more beautiful world so you could remember why we are even here during the 'covid' days. However in my case, (for the most part) the allies that arrived in my life, repeatedly coming to remind me that there is much beauty, kindness, love and hope that exists on this planet Earth were not human, but rather were photosynthetic and winged beings that offered me glimpses of a more beautiful world and how I might lay down the stepping stones on the path to experience it.

I really appreciated your anecdote about the birds "singing more than they needed to in order to attract a mate" on your walk. I wrote about the exuberant and uplifting revelry of birdsong that washes over the planet at the break of dawn in this post: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/symphony-of-the-sunrise

On my path, very few humans could be described as reliable allies in the past few years, though I felt like you were an ally in spirit as I read your heartfelt and inspired essays, so thank you for that.

I found tangible allies in the garden, the forest and in the realm beyond what the human eyes can see, in the place where our heart and mind's eye can see glimpses of... in that place I was offered communion with my true family. It is from that eternal connection that I draw strength now, with my bare feet touching the body of our Mother Earth, a column of light pouring through me, from my family and my eternal Self, grounding and fortifying me in my own version of "Project Sanity".

In time I hope to be honored to walk along this path with other people that resonate, other members of my "tribe" that are also on this Earth now, close to me in the physical. For now, I am grateful to have been guided to connect with allies in spirit such as yourself and I am grateful for the non-human allies and teachers that walk this path with me.

Thank you for offering your own gifts so that you might help others to remember how to fan the spark within to become a flame and illuminate the path forward.

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