I have found myself walking away from discussions about the 'injection that shall not be named'. Mostly because I have become weary with trying to talk to people about this subject. It seems there is a social status quo that has people unable to hear anything else but the accepted rhetoric.-even when I quote some of their so-called experts in casting doubt. I have training in science and have worked as a microbiologist. This may even qualify me as an 'expert' in some circles. When I try to explain the 'science' that does not support the current rhetoric, I look at angry faces. As I have aged, I have gotten weary of living as an outcast because I have pushed back against many accepted paradigms in my life (I spent years and hours of time trying to get people to understand that pesticides were not good for our bodies). I think your call to stand up now will spur me on to (continue) to talk to people who approach me on this subject and try to show them another viewpoint. Being a social pariah seems to be what I came to this earth to do. Thank you Charles for reminding me.

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yes. yes. The rehearsal is over. I can now see that I will be speaking to my retired community of 450 souls who, with the exception of me and one other, are participating in the injection program that will not be named. Many limits to my movement are laid out in weekly restriction notices. I am able to live with the isolation and exclusions; but they are not reasonable. So, I will be speaking out. Thank you Charles for your ongoing . . . humble leadership and sweet and generative and life-giving storytelling. I am seeing ways to proceed, yes.

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Thank you Charles. You are a voice of sanity for me. I am seeking leaders I can trust, as all of the leaders I used to look up to have collapsed and gone along with the program. All of my Quaker friends, the pope, the Dalai Lama, the large US and international Yoga organizations, Ammachi. Where are the social justice activists I used to study with, the ones I got arrested with at the Nevada Test Center? All gone, silent. This has been a massive disillusionment for me. I am realizing that I have to be a leader now. I am seeking openings to speak up, to find like minded people to undertake significant action with. Gandhi took decades to prepare his program of action. It seems we don't have that much time. Violence and anger will not help. Clarity and meaningful resistance can move us forward. I'm seeking a way in but I can't see it yet.

I live a life of incredible privilege ~ my husband retired recently and we moved to Arizona where we enjoy relative freedom. We don't work for anybody mandating anything on us, and I can mostly avoid wearing a mask.

BUT... when he was hospitalized overnight last month I was unable to visit him. So painful, so unnecessary. How to protest that? Maybe supporting others in a similar situation whose loved ones are in longer than mine was? And helping them resist the exclusion of visitors?

I had three invitations to go to California this month, and I turned all down, simply because of not wanting to be in an environment where masks were the norm and testing would be expected/required. I am covid-recovered, with screenshots of my wild-type antibody tests from when I donated blood, so this all makes no sense. None at all.

I'm an author of books for women, and speaking to my audience about this would likely be my greatest leverage. You called me out in your article by saying we can't wait, there is no safety. I haven't wanted to be attacked by clients and readers, many of whom would disagree with me, so I have not spoken up that often. I'm so used to the previous political divides, and the new ones still bewilder me. But where is the dignity in staying quiet? I've done a few webinars for my email list on natural immunity, on gain of function research, the effects of lockdowns on children, on what is inside of this (yes) substance-that-shall-not-be-named. And still I feel that my efforts have been totally minor, a measly small fraction of what is actually needed. And of what I could be doing.

I'm staying open to the right way in, to collaborations, to finding my voice and expressing it. Thank you for your voice here.

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Yes, the rehearsal is over. Here in British Columbia a non-injected person is truly a second class citizen who cannot travel by train or plane, who cannot go to restaurants, conferences, meetings, museums, concerts, movies, etc., who cannot work in health care or for the provincial or federal government, and in an increasing number of private companies. This is a country whose prime minister is explicitly and viciously attacking the non-injected, telling them that he wants to make their lives miserable; this is a country where a health minister is telling the citizenry that immunocompromized people should not be near the non-injected and that everyone should learn to ask strangers if they are injected or not. Once-friendly neighbours are turning on suspected non-injected people and insulting them, treating them as pariah.

This should be the time for me to act, to be brave. But it is not the time yet. What is one to do without a community, in a soulless suburb, not knowing anyone? It is not the time yet but it feels like time is of the essence and I will push myself to reach beyond the limited horizons of my deadly suburban comfort.

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There is no real OSHA mandate. It’s just a press release. Biden is faking it and letting private companies do the dirty work for him. Option 1) Don’t give your employees a mandate. Let them have free choice. Option 2) you could do a “fake mandate” ( just like Biden) and tell all your employees the deadline for “said mandate is 20 years in the future (wink wink). Option 3) tell your employees there is a “mandate” but you will never ask them to show you any proof. But I like Option 1. It my dream for CEOs like you to stand up for your employees right to choose. Biden has no right to take away our liberty and i know from your thoughtful essay you dont want to be an accomplice.

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Hard times are upon us, whether we want them or not. To be a conscious, to remain conscious, will increasingly bump us up against those forces which seek to limit that consciousness and punish us for insisting on being its arbiter.

Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die. So it’s no good simply to feel righteous. As Gene Sharp wrote, “The espousal of humane goals and loyalty to ideals are admirable, but are grossly inadequate…to achieve freedom.”

The desire to determine how the world is shaped has governed the lives of men and women for millennia. And behind us lies an ocean of misery bringing us to what now appear to be “end times.” Through all the wars of conquest, through enslavement s, through plunder and pillage, through injustices, degradations, and dehumanizations, there remains in each and every one of us an inextinguishable flame of goodness—something which is imperishable.

One way or another we will be forced to comply. Either we obey the dictates of our conscience, or we will decide to go along with business as usual and obey the dictates of our rulers, in which case and we disobey our unfolding as full human beings. In times of crisis, seemingly impossible ideas become possible. What seems an impossibility today may become all too possible tomorrow. As sovereign individuals, we are not compelled to do good in the world. We might cope by keeping our heads down and avoiding the gaze of Sauron, breathing a sigh of relief when he plucks someone else from the crowd. Yet resisting “evil” is the mark of a virtuous life, regardless of outcome. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.

There are many things we can’t do in this world, and we can spend our time dwelling in that fact. However few our options, what can we do? What doors are open to walk through? What is meaningful to you?

Despite what has happened to our world, despite the missteps of our species and the mistakes made, despite what has been done to us, we still have virtue at our core. We must enlighten ourselves and multiply our effect so that all conscious men become more powerful than the manipulated “Mass Man” in directing the course of human affairs. Let us begin our enlightenment.

Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.

– Henry David Thoreau

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Yes, I agree with the essence of what you're saying here, Charles. I just think we have to be careful not to turn our choice to stand up for our rights as a judgement or war against those who choose to be vaccinated. Personally, I am due to have the vaccine in a few days, having made the choice to have it because I have fairly big risk factors for getting seriously ill with Covid and because I want to minimize the risk of being isolated in hospital away from my family, and I've made this choice despite being well and truly aware of the risks from the vaccine. But that choice will not affect my choice to stand up for freedom. Because our government here in NSW has decreed that business owners must police the government's absurd, inconsistent and unjust rules about only vaccinated people entering the premises of non-essential businesses, and some of our local business owners are refusing to take on such a role, I will be supporting those businesses because I detest this push towards institutionalizing bigotry and prejudice. Freedom of choice, and freedom from enslavement, is much more of an issue than whether or not we get the vaccine.

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This is so much bigger than any one issue. This is the calling of our time. These are the words we must live by if we are to usher in a new reality. Let these words into your heart. Let them speak to your soul. “It is the moment of truth over consequences.” I hope we can each take the time to reflect for ourselves. What is my truth? What is mine to do?

Thank you, Charles, for calling this forward. You are true to your own word.

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The author’s right. It would be instrumental if loads of people did get involved, all roughly round the same time.

I wonder how many people know what’s happening is wrong but have chosen to say & do nothing, on the grounds that “it’s not their fight”.

But it is.

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Beautifully written. I especially love this sentence "Synchronicity is the snapping of the laws of probability as reality shifts to align with brave choices". So beautiful. May we find the courage to each be who we truly are.

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Wow! I feel like you wrote this in direct response to my own recent pivot. I too have been flying under the radar until now. The superintendent of my kids school district sent an email last week of the board discussing the shot for 5-11 year old children. It’s not a mandate to attend school, but facilities for administering the shot for families with young kids is set up. The shot trajectory thus far seems telling; it seems likely it’ll be mandatory sooner or later. Suddenly I felt the radar beaming directly on me. My body and heart jolted. I heard the inner voice: It’s time to act. And I felt scared. And still it’s time. How? I ask. I keep hearing the voice of the wife and mom whose husband passed away from the shot. Her last words in the interview: follow your gut and have compassion. It is time.

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Dear Charles, I cannot express to you in words how meaningful your writings are to me. But please allow me to try. When I read your beautiful words or listen to you speak so eloquently about the world we live in and the creatures we share this planet with.... something deep within me wells up and wants to cry and smile all at once and it feels like my heart begins to swell. It's as though something deep and primordial has been touched. Your words are the wand that sparks my creativity and bravery to go out gently into this world of ours and try to make a meaningful imprint. You give voice to everything I have always thought about life and living with authenticity, and as I am sure for many who follow you, you make us feel less alone in our thinking that the WORLD truly could be a better place for every living being. I too am a writer as well as an artist and it is a privilege to walk this path, knowing that there are many like minded people who care so deeply about this planet becoming beautiful beyond belief. You are truly a remarkable thinker and I am beyond grateful that you walk this planet at this particular and pivotal time in the history of Planet Earth and mankind. Namaste dear man, Namaste.

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Charles, you won't remember me, but we met briefly at a talk you gave in Toronto back in March 2012 I think. As the speaker you had a presence in that room unlike anyone I had ever met. You had a clarity of voice, a softness of spirit, a fierceness of resolve that left me awestruck. Since then, I've bought and/or read most of your books and find that you consistently articulate a vision which resonates deeply with me about 'a beautiful world that our heart knows is possible'.

When I came across your essays about c*d, I was incredibly relieved and heartened that you hadn't fallen victim to the narrative and that you stood up in your characteristic manner and spoke your truth, our truth, THE truth about our entire false global paradigm which seeks to dehumanize all of us and make us into obedient automatons, if not physically, then mentally and emotionally. This was predicted by many over the past century, yet we didn't pay attention.

Now, here we are. What was predicted is coming to pass and everyone is shocked. We shouldn't be. We were warned countless times by many prophets and seekers. We didn't heed their words and learn lessons along the way. I despair for humanity and future generations. If we don't fight with everything we've got as a species, the nightmare that will unfold will make our children and grandchildren curse our names with every breath just as we should be cursing the names of those who came before us and didn't stop it when it would have been much easier.

Every day I ask the question "Is humanity worth saving if we have allowed it to get to this point of nihilistic self-destruction? Is humanity worth saving if we don't care enough about our children to have pushed back once and for all against these monstrous psychopaths and sociopaths a century ago?"

I don't have the answer to that. What I do know is that I have no choice to fight with everything I have to my last breath.

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So disappointed that Charles, you are repeating anecdotes as evidence, and while I admire your fundamental skepticism, public health at risk means we have to decide on the best available evidence which is never totally clear. Are you not suspicious that there was never this divide about polio vaccine or all the other vaccines we give our kids? Doubt is fine in the philosophical chambers when there is the luxury of thinking great thoughts, with little immediate application, but if people are sick, and doctors have a vaccine, since when did we appoint ourselves to be our own medical experts, or become the people who can work it out for ourselves. Fine for us if we alone take the risk but public health means we rise or fall together. People cannot decide to be free at the cost of others being sick.

Unless we can at least trust that enough scientists are committed to objective truth, then the world is flat and the Holocaust never happened and Germany won world war one. This distrust is a weapon of political opportunism, and to accept the premise that doubt alone can equip us to engage the world seems a luxury when our non-decisions are still decisions that are affecting lives. Cogito Ergo Sum or Dubio Ergo Sum? Doubt is our protection for sure, but finally life is made up of our leaps of faith, not our leaps of doubt. Asking the questions is easy. But ask yourself are they the right questions? Philosophers doubt the world and then catch the train to work. What if reality already is giving us some evidence of 700,000 dead that might nudge us to ask questions that connect to the loss, the grief, the suffering, and forego the luxury of being profound when health is a matter of masks, and not John Stuart Mill, or Vaccines and not Vico. Sure, we all die, and we need to come to terms with that but is that the excuse to curl up and die, feeling independent of vaccines or modern medicine. That seems like surrender.

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I’m sad on revisiting this page to see that the comments have turned into an argument, right vs wrong, which is exactly the state of much of our collective, disconnected humanity that Charles has been writing and speaking about for years. This is a thoughtful and inspiring essay, and feels true in my body and being. It seems the the rehearsal is, indeed, over...time to walk in our truth.

Our “authorities” are all human souls doing their best, but acting from survival and fear. I had covid back in August and it was an enormous, wonderful energetic upgrade to my system, and I do not feel that getting the jab will do anything but give power and money to BigPharma and the rest of those running this show. I cannot and do not desire to say what anyone else should decide...I choose to recognize that deathbirth will come to me when it’s time, and until then I will LIVE, which means moving in loving, creative gratitude and wonder in each moment, not fighting to survive.

Thank you, Charles, for a vast body of work that inspires me every day. I reach out for your writings in moments of despair, to remember ♥️

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I’m seeing some BigPharma disinformation about VAERS here so thought I’d offer a few references for those who are curious about the scientific literature on VAERS. Any talking points you’re hearing about VAERS being a “dropbox” and similar nonsense have been concocted to smear a reporting system that has been successfully used in the early detection of adverse reactions for decades, is frequently referenced in peer-reviewed scientific journals, is understood in the scientific community to be significantly underreported, and has been used to pull previous vaccines after as few as 25 deaths in the past (that is, when pharmaceutical corporations actually had to face the possibility of liability for their products and hadn’t been granted immunity by the emergency use authorization act).

First off, let’s address the issue of correlation and causation. The American Council on Science & Health notes, “It is oft-repeated that correlation does not imply causation. But it does. That’s precisely why epidemiologists and economists are so fascinated by correlations. Thus, it is far more accurate to say that correlation does not prove causation.” (https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/10/31/acsh-explains-hills-criteria-determining-causality-correlation-12013)

That is where Hill’s Criteria of Causality (https://www.acsh.org/news/2017/10/31/acsh-explains-hills-criteria-determining-causality-correlation-12013) comes in. It can be used to assess causation when it comes to statistically anomalous correlations—like the monumental ones that started occurring in January 2021 and have been rising at historically unprecedented rates ever since.

Dr. Jessica Rose, a viral immunologist and computational virologist with a PhD in computational biology and two postdoc degrees in molecular biology, demonstrated the satisfaction of Hill’s Criteria in a recent presentation, but it doesn’t take a PhD and an understanding of statistics to see what is glaringly obvious to anyone who hasn’t been lobotomized by BigPharma propaganda.

Here is a peer-reviewed paper Dr. Rose authored titled, “Critical Appraisal of VAERS Pharmacovigilance: Is the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) a Functioning Pharmacovigilance System?” (Science, Public Health Policy, & the Law, October 2021):


This quote is from one of hundreds of examples of VAERS use in peer-reviewed scientific papers:

“Underreporting is a limitation common to passive surveillance systems, including the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) that monitors the safety of U.S.-licensed vaccines. Nonetheless, previous reports demonstrate substantial case capture for clinically severe adverse events (AEs).” —Vaccine, 2020 Nov 3;38(47):7458-7463. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2020.09.072. Epub 2020 Oct 7.


If VAERS is so unreliable—as BigPharma propaganda suddenly started claiming in 2021—why does the CDC admit to using it in its determination about whether or not to recall a vaccine?

“CDC analyzed reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to search for any side effects that might have been caused by the irregularity …”


I encourage those who have bought into the Ministry of Truth sound bytes about VAERS (and everything else in this preposterous narrative) to read through some of the 778,683 (through 10/1/21) reports by physicians, nurses, medical professionals, patients, and family members of victims. You can find all of the reports here: https://openvaers.com/openvaers

It boggles belief that some people could be so hoodwinked by propaganda that they don’t have even an inkling of concern about nearly a million adverse reactions, including hundreds of thousands of fatalities, disabilities, and life-threatening conditions. Why are they so eager to rush to the defense of BigPharma and so dismissive of the actual human beings who are suffering? Why aren’t they intellectually curious enough to investigate for themselves? Why do they double down on their disinformation talking points in the face of an avalanche of scientific evidence proving the errors of their fallacious arguments?

I suppose Mark Twain has the answer: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

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