Charles, As one long involved in the political circuit who has (I hope) retained his sanity, I will give you the same advice I give myself: Unto your own self, stay true. If the candidate finds that intolerable, you have done your piece and it is time to move on. If you cannot be who you are while supporting someone (and I do not mean that you have to agree on all points, because you will not) then hanging around will begin to do just what you suspect -- and you do not want that.

While you are immersed in the campaign, RKFJr needs to clarify his environmental stance. Many of us who support much of his vaccine stance are horrified by what we know of his "climate" stance -- that is an even bigger grift than the vaccine grift...because it is much harder to prove/disprove. Many of us are passionate environmentalists, but not "shut the world down for the sake of always-defective climate change models" people (just as broken as the COVID vaccine models). We like trees AND fuel. We do not wish to eat bugs, nor to roll back the amazing progress in farming that has shown Malthus to be entirely wrong.

There is a giant sector of independent thinkers who will not replace the spikeshot grift for the climate grift. But we do not want giant smokestacks in our living rooms either. Everything I have read that RFKJr has written on this seems pretty extreme, but when my friends and I discuss candidates, we always seek clarity on what his current stance is...and there really is not much beyond platitudes that we find satisfying.

If this resonates with you to feed into the morass, it would be helpful to the campaign. I have made my donation on a lick and a prayer...but many are waiting to see.

In any case, you are strong enough in character to not be seduced by the whole thing (and it is very seductive). The Sanity Project will help, I expect. But, more importantly, your own recognition of what is happening and repeated testing of "are you true to you?" will carry you through.

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Charles, we’re here. I/we need this mother ship as much as you do. Huge thanks to you and Patsy for creating the new space of The Sanity Project.

I’ve just listened to Mr. Kennedy being interviewed by Jordan Peterson, and I’m impressed...and it’s delightful to hear your direct influence in his responses regarding the environment, and fear. https://youtu.be/W1h5AhrDajI

Loving this more beautiful world timeline we’re co-creating ♥️

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Every time I listen to a Kennedy podcast and hear him speak of truth, transparency, government corruption, big pharma, etc. I feel an unreal sense of relief, mainly because he is speaking his truth.


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I so appreciate you have entered the political matrix! And i appreciate your identifying the need for a lifeline to sanity. For me, it is nature. Nature always receives me 100% and, once i am immersed and attuned to her embrace, i return to the 'greater' picture, which for me is that all is well, we're doing our best and love is the answer.

I love that RFK invited you, i love that you are bringing a greater picture to the game. We've all been burned by the promise of voting and politics to bring change, and you two bring renewed hope to me. I no longer look to politicians or scientists or anyone else to change the world, i think it is us, and i feel we're doing it, right now, with every compassionate and loving thought, word and action. I am excited to see how you two bring love and compassion and atonement and awareness to a greater audience. Aho!!!

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There is a reason for the words "Can you handle the truth" - handling the truth or even confirming to yourself something is the truth is a lonely endeavour. It either is or isn't. Even when your people confirm what you see or agree with it, it can still be untrue or partially true.

Belief is based on communal agreement. The truth stands on its own and each one of us has to struggle to reach it. And when we do we stand together - because the truth does not need belief or agreement. All it needs is to have the capability to distinguish it from the rest in our illusory world. Especially today when so much emphasis is placed on untruth.

So I wish you well on your journey into the jungle of games and illusions, your own hero journey through the dark and dense forests full of monsters. We need more heroes nowadays, more people willing to venture into this upside down world and shine the truth into its darkest corners.

But, first of all, we need, all of us to find our way to what is true and that is the hardest part of all.

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Charles - yes let us be 'sanity' together! I have always loved your words and work...but it's not just your words, it is how you allow yourself to feel into the moment - how you choose to be present and authentic as do I (attempt to). Politics is so interesting for me, it is like science. I was a politician once not long ago (local government in New Zealand) - not because I was wanting to do that but because I was asked several times by people in my community whom I respected, if I would run for council to become a local representative, a councillor. It came to me and that was a sign that there was something there for me and I'm glad that I did - I delight in dancing with what comes to my door! To say that I wasn't torn trying to integrate my spirituality with my politics is an understatement. Sometimes I totally did that and did it well and other times I sorely missed and stepped too heavily into the 3D/matrix world and became emotionally involved or somehow forgot who I was on other levels. It was always important to me to continually question my motive and what was really important to me as far as my world/spiritual world view goes. Yet it didn't feel right to me to totally deny or resist the political world either - I was always concerned and interested in humanity and people and community and what made it all tick...I wasn't one of those who could sit and meditate and do it that way (I wish I could) - yet I totally honour and love those who can. My way was more one of action and practicality from the heart, I'm interested in systems and holism and unity and freedom and so much more! Yet I did feel quite alone in it. (I have so much to say and share and connect with you and other like minds/hearts about - yet I must keep this concise for now - my fingers are flying 90 to the dozen over the keyboard!) When I was in politics, at the same time I was running groups with courses of yours that I found grounded and inspiring - I was always keeping all aspects running but there were places and times that I needed someone, some community, a place to belong, to keep me balanced and connected too. When I heard you were teaming with RFK I was so excited! I had chills through my body because I saw it as spirituality meeting politics, just as I am excited that the world of spirituality and science are starting to come together...all be it 'up against the pricks' - that's biblical not blasphemous. Or maybe it's both haha. I have always felt that what good politicians/leaders need is a council of elders or a wisdom council of sorts to keep steering the ship when those out front start to veer off-course or forget who they truly are.I welcome this community Charles - other thoughtful intelligent heartfelt people who are probably also trying to straddle at least two if not multiple worlds and timelines right now. It is indeed very exciting and I know that this is the time I came for. The most beautiful world we all know is possible has been with me since childhood as I wondered at how I could possibly be part of this dumb, crazy, nonsensical, cruel world! I am 64 now yet I feel young , engaged, vibrant and part of it all. I hesitate to say you guys are my tribe because tribalism concerns me in so many ways yet life is paradox and I love that about you Charles - that you know how to embrace paradox...and so do I - and at times, it's not so easy. So, I'm like...count me in with you guys and bring on sanity, freedom, intelligence, wisdom and love...thank you - delighted to know you :)

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I reckon you stay sane just as I have over the past three years of being married to someone who lives in the matrix, trusts authority and buys the narrative, regularly told me that I was nuts and a conspiracy theorist, jabbed our kid against my begging and pleading, claimed he didn't have to listen to me and then left me and blames ME for being so impossible to deal with because I should have just gone along with it like everyone else we know and because I didn't, I ruined his life for which he can't forgive me. YOU. PRAY. That's all I got.

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I'm excited to see where this goes. Community is essential to healthy living. Establishing healthy internal narratives and evaluating external narratives is key to a balanced life “in the real.” Thank you!

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If you stay true to your inside self and always check your "truth meter" you are doing a service beyond the human component. Spirit uses us all for greater issues of life if we allow it. Quite the Divine commission!

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Rather you than me Charles, rather you than me. I stay sane by staying the fuck away from anything to do with government and/or the levers of power. Something about corruption if I recall...... 😂

The holy grail once offered us a practical choice.... Take the oath on the stone (as King Charles recently did at his coronation) to chase an excess of power, wealth and wisdom. Or choose the servant heart, as the grail protectors - the Tironensians - would say, "Laborare est Orare" - "to work is to pray", to rejoice. For every moment spent crawling the path of the serpent king is a moment lost to experience the majesty of Divinity.

Now the choice is entirely symbolic. "Character is Fate", as Heraclitus would say. Good luck Charles, you are going to need it!

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This is SO important Charles and honest thanks for sharing the « matrix and mothership »with us. I’m in another matrix living over here in France -and being English, the other leg is in the U.K. watching that matrix fiasco!

We all need each other. That’s all I know. But, as you’re an American, that particular matrix has far reaching influences and consequences for us in Europe. I SO want Kennedy’s campaign to win 🙏🏻and I am deeply heartened that you have thrown your lot in behind him.

We need your calm, sharp and brilliant light to shine all over that campaign to help bring our humanity together again. Let’s get back to the garden.

If I too am allowed to hold the mothership steady, then yes, I’m here, I do and I will. I can handle the truth because I also dive into the darkness and return, burning brighter.

Go Charles❣️

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I listened to RFK jr's conversation with Jordan Peterson last night and went to bed

noticeably relaxed, feeling calm, because RFKjr. spoke so honestly and about so many

things that are important to me. I was at ease, for the first time in years. Such is the gift

of leadership, and he has it [and so do you, Charles] to calm and inspire the "multitudes".

Have mercy on us all, thank you, God.

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Happy to hear you are in with Kennedy 2024, as am I! I am in for the sanity project as well. Perhaps the best answer is to keep asking the questions.

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Jun 6, 2023·edited Jun 6, 2023

You are already IN the "Matrix". You entered it when you merged into a physical body within this time-space reality. You are just feeling disoriented because the specific set of beliefs about it that you hold was too limited and did not encompass the parts of it that you are now experiencing. It was like this all along, you are just having to broaden your perspective to include the expanded view or model.

"Some rules can be bent. Some rules can be broken".

It's not the "rules", it is our level of consciousness that changes as we release our limitations that came from limiting beliefs. "Rules" are either "recipes" for a good/functional way to accomplish an objective, for instance the steps that need to be taken to manufacture a product. These rules are descriptions of events that when executed result in a specific outcome.

Then there are the "rules" that are artificially imposed mandates limiting the types of behaviors permitted in a given situation. These are made up and have no actual connection to reality.

Either way, they are just constructs or descriptions, either about how actually something works, or can work, or they are limitations designed to control behaviors. The first is a specific description of something, usually of a part of this space-time Matrix, and the second is entirely fantasy.

Everything is energy, and nothing exists that is not energy. It all arises from the energy of consciousness. It is all malleable. The Greater Consciousness/ the Whole imagined everything into the patterns of "existence". These patterns allow for certain types of experiences to occur. The desired experiences determine how the patterns are shaped, but consciousness can redirect the trajectories of the patterns if it desires to change the way it is "going". That's when the "rules" may get "broken" to effect a shift in outcome, because in the Field of Consciousness, really "anything goes" because it is all energy, anyway.

Each of us is an individual point of focus of that Consciousness. We are a part of IT because there is nothing else. We imagine ourselves to be separate, but that is an effect of this Matrix or energy projection of space-time. It is only our perspective. We are no more separate than the extensions of an amoeba's "tentacles", as it flows outward through its environment, are from the main "blob" of its cell. Are we a "tentacle" of Consciousness, or are we the main "body" of Consciousness? Actually, we are both.

Being separate is an illusion. Being lost in the Matrix is an illusion. The reality is that everything is actually okay. It is Perfect because it all comes from and is a part of Perfection. From our limited perspective we lose sight of that, but the underlying reality is that we are Safe, we are Loved, and that everything really is Perfect Just The Way It Is! But one must move outside of this Matrix to really experience that. This is not a belief or concept. It is what we experience when we shift back into the non-physical.

There is no nightmare of evil AI machines running things outside of THIS Matrix! Reality is more opposite of that than you can even imagine!

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Jun 7, 2023·edited Jun 7, 2023

My admiration for Bobby is intense given what he’s done for us but --

1. For one thing, consorting with and even sort of admiring Elon Musk, he of the BCI neurotechnology (Neuralink) developed for use of control via micro implants. And Musk has been sending into the sky 5G radiation platforms, the object of which is to track everyone on the planet with 5G smartphones according to Bill Gates (who’s competing with Musk, who can cover the sky faster) In other words: "While there was some news covering the dangers and ethics of merging the human brain with Neuralink’s brain-computer interface (BCI) technology platform last week, there was no mention that Neuralink’s FDA clearance was based on brain-computer interface (BCI) technologies that were developed as weapons of mass destruction; or who privately funded these BCI technologies.”

All of this Bobby knows, so are we already seeing the beginning of personality change of those who smell political power? I hope not!

2. I cannot stand swollen patriotic rhetoric around “closing our southern border.” It smells to high heaven courting Trump’s fan base. The threat to our Constitution is a lame excuse to shut out these desperate humans, many of whom would gladly work here, are family people, people of faith, etc. Especially given what Bobby already knows about the reason they are fleeing Central American countries, namely US policy for decades creating and propping up the worst banana republic corruption

3. As a non-Zionist Jew, I am allergic to allegiance to “the great state of Israel, which my family has long supported” as Bobby said during a Q from the audience somewhere recently. Again, he must know that the Israeli state is Neo-fascist. So is this just geopolitics? And when the guy pursued that by asking Bobby what about the Palestinian people, Bobby said “we need a humane policy toward the Palestinians,” or some such. “Humane,” that’s a word used to describe how to put animals out of their misery

Sorry but none of this works for me and I’m bummed given my great admiration for what he’s done

Would I vote for him? We’ll see where this goes…I’ll never forget long ago watching Gerald Ford walk into a room on TV immediately after being given the presidency because Nixon left. Ford’s whole demeanor, gait, everything had changed…He scented power and already looked tipsy from it

* *

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Excellent starting point for you. As someone who was in the Matrix of politics for two decades I hope to share some insights for your consideration to do with what you wish.

I can't count how many candidates aspiring to hold office who I met at fundraisers in the homes and backyards of wealthy supporters. Educators, insurance salesmen, small business owners, nurses, along with doctors, lawyers, corporate executives, all walks. The pedigreed, privileged candidates usually knew the Matrix, were of it, were just looking for a different angle in it. The average working class candidates had lots of hopes and goals to fix what was wrong with the Matrix. Filled with positive energy that they could make a difference, remake the Matrix into something more responsive to ordinary citizens. And as I describe new politicians I might as well be describing the new professional lobbyists and campaign advisors.

And out of all of them, even the ones that with the most sincere desire to fix the Matrix for good, in the course of my career maybe 2-5% stayed true, uncorrupted, principled the same as when they went into office. That figure starts higher, and even remains higher when the politician or professional serve in the minority party, are still on the outside of power even when they are in the halls of it. But the moment they serve in a majority, the moment they hold power from the inside of political power it becomes a matter of months, even days until you see the shift. The saying 'power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely' is eternally true.

What happens as one gains power or is in service to power is a thing to be in and an observer or. One of the first things that strikes you is how intoxicating it becomes so quickly. When those with power hand out praise, take notice of you, become interested in what you think you feel good about it. Better than when loved ones and friends do the same thing. Because, power speaks with a louder, more alluring voice to one's ego. "I'm worthy! I've arrived! I'm in the halls of power and making a difference! I see stories before they're on the news, I know way more about those stories than the news is telling, I'm on the inside! Cool!!" Stoke. Stroke. Stroke the ego. It's a hellofadrug.

So let's say you're above those types of vain indulgences, then there's the whole being effective and advancing your agendas. The public policy issues you care most about, like education, health care, safe streets, environment, etc. Your economic security. The well-being of your friends, family, colleagues, supporters. The expectations of all of them and those in the Matrix who can help you advance your agendas, if you help them advance theirs. And that's when negotiations happen.

The Devil is in those negotiations. When you have power and access to power you don't have a vested interest or strongly-held beliefs about everything that power makes decisions about. You have your core issues and concerns, but you deal with pretty much every facet of life, minutia, stuff you never knew or cared about existing. Those become issues you negotiate away freely. Maybe you take the side of those who make the most compelling case. But most of the time you take the side that others who you care about and want/need something from, who you're indebted to for helping you on something you do care about, those are easy to negotiate on. Not really concerned about the people on the other side. Because all public policies involve deciding winners and losers. Somebody loses something when laws are passed. Maybe they deserve to lose something. Maybe they don't. But make no mistake, there's not win-win in public policy. Even if the only loser is taxpayers, just a few pennies a year. Here. And here. And here. And here...losers.

When you're in that environment and making, influencing public policy you're exercising power. And depending on how you've negotiated, who's interests you've negotiated the cumulative effect of it makes each subsequent negotiation that much easier. Lives impacted that much less of a concern. A jadedness sets in, an entitlement sets in, a self-affirming ego stroke plays inside your head about all of those people you've helped, how good a person you are. And those who've been hurt, lost have no voice inside your head, their losses are minimized, even justifiable. Power.

Three C's of public policymakers I coined. Conscience, Caucus and Constituents.

Conscience - how you sit with yourself morally on an issue, is it true to your values.

Caucus - how your political party wants you to sit on an issue, it's what gives you more power to achieve your most important policy agenda items, your economic security.

Constituents - where those who you represent, the voters who elected you, the clients who hired you, where they sit on an issue.

The Three C's are an easy decision when all three align on the same side. It's those darn 2-1 or 1-2 splits that make it so hard. Do you negotiate away your Conscience to help you achieve your larger agenda items like your Caucus want you to, do what your Constituents want? Do you turn your back on your Caucus because your Conscience won't allow it and Constituents oppose them, knowing that the party will make your agenda issues impossible to achieve? Do you do what your Constituents want you to do, but go against your Caucus and Conscience because, by gosh, they elected you your job is to do their will?

Negotiation. Negotiation. Negotiation. Negotiation. And one day you have little left of who you were when you first got into politics, stood in backyards fundraisers and promised to fix the Matrix. You've become a part of it.

Those 2-5% who stayed true to themselves, who stayed uncorrupted, principled had one thing in common: Faith. They were people of faith. True faith in their creator. Not faith of convenience. They never negotiated their conscience. They lost their ability to pass many of their most important public policy agenda items because they rejected demands of the Caucus. They lost office or clients because they couldn't do what their Constituents or clients asked of them. They stayed true to their conscience. Because at the end of the day, that's what our creator put us here for. Not our ambitions, not the ambitions of others. For our morality to do what we believe is right. No matter what the consequences are.

Our negotiations we make in pursuit of some greater good we hope to achieve if we just go along with something that doesn't sit right but doesn't rise to our objection, those are the killers of souls. One little one. Begets another little one. Begets another little one. Until it begets big ones. They get easier to make those negotiations with our values each time we make them. Until we're unrecognizable to who we were before we started making them. Happens all the time. Not just politicos. Business owners. Pastors. Coaches. Doctors. Judges. People in positions of power.

Our faith and devotion to our Creator is what keeps us grounded. Keeps our minds and consciences clear. When we answer to a higher authority who isn't other fallen men or our own grandiosity we stay true to ourselves. We stay sane. Avoid the negotiations. Even the small ones. They are the tiny crack in our souls that grow larger and larger.

I had a brief dance with the intoxication of power. Climbing and climbing. Negotiating. I thought I was on my way to becoming a big deal. I didn't seek it at first, but it's very addictive when you get a taste of power. When I had some clarity about what I was becoming in the form of a setback because I took a principled stand against the Matrix it became easier to let go of my ambitions and agendas. When I had leaders of both parties warn me not to say something publicly about an abuse of power I witnessed and was attacked simply because I was a witness, to discredit me, it was a clarifying moment. I was told not to say what actually happened because, "The public already doesn't trust us, and we can't give them more reasons not to trust us. We have to protect the System." Quote. Verbatim. In other words, the public doesn't trust us because they know we lie, so we have to lie more. The System. The Matrix. More important than our conscience, our morals, more important than the people the System is supposed to serve. Clarifying.

I stood my ground, though I didn't say all I knew. And slowly withdrew from the professional political class. I'm no longer directly in the system. I just poke around it from the outside these days. I took three years to travel the world, stayed in hostels, hiked across large islands, through jungles, over frozen tundra, took small boats, crowded buses, ate strange foods, bonded with people and cultures that enrich me to this day. I detoxified and reclaimed my soul. reclaimed my place with humanity.

I never got lost in the Matrix, truth is I was always a little off to the side while I was in it, kept one foot in that world, the other in the real world most of the time. It's how I stayed sane. It limited me, my career, never fully trusted by the Matrix even though I rubbed shoulders with people in the highest positions of power in my state and DC. But while my income was less than it could've been if I had both feet inside my independence gave me the strength to fight the Matrix when I did. But it is a bitch going against it. I have the scars. Which is why the 95-98% don't. Negotiations. Including turning your eyes to the bad you witness. Thing about scars the 95-98% don't get is that they make you stronger where you were injured. I love my scars. I earned them. I have my sanity. And my soul. Wouldn't choose any other way.

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