I'm new to Mr. Eisenstein and I bring an entrenched wariness of those who attemt to intellectualize the human experience. I prefer to walk in the woods in silence and dig in the dirt while cursing my fate outright.

But this is different.

Now is the time to begin the journey home. I can smell the sweat and see the smiles and taste the sweet water.

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As I look at all the ways that humanity is under assault, I see something stranger and more frightening than mere separation. I sense the demonic. I've begun to write about this, without knowing where it's going, trusting my readers to collectively form some understanding. In my Substack today, I describe biowarfare, weather warfare, "wild" fires, livestock mutilation, human abductions, the subversion of science, and other assaults that I can't explain by anything as simple as greed gone wild. I welcome your thoughts, not least because I hope I'm wrong. https://mitteldorf.substack.com/p/assaults-on-humanity

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"i am at the right place, at the right time and I know what to do..." my new mantra and belief! Thanks Charles!

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This kind of new age psychobabble gets my goat. It puts the blame and onus on the poor, disenfranchised and pretends it is all about "enlightment" "changing consciousness". it's the false trap of self-helpism. Individualism run to its end. I don't buy it for a moment. Get out there, help each other, refuse the carrot in front of your nose. Live. Just exist. You don't have to. I feel like I'm being talked down to. And that makes me boil inside. Drop the marketing. Get real.

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Thanks Charles I always love your words to bring me back on track

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A 'nice' conversation between two well-meaning men reminding me of problem solving and how women tend to be process oriented while men tend to be outcome oriented. It is one the first experiential lessons taught to people training to become telephone counselors at LifeLine here in Sydney, Australia.

On a podcast titled 'know-thyself' it showcased the intention of that wisest of ancient sayings & the fact that we don't know ourselves and live in denial about the subconscious orchestration of every human behavior we can think of. Charles use of the words 'choice' & 'consciousness' demonstrate the perennial paradox of the human condition IMHO.

And, I suggest, the reason a famous Jewish philosopher taught parables because "they seeing, see, not, they hearing, hear, not and neither do they understand," the reification-fallacy inherent in the 'symbolic' nature of roughly 7000 languages & with different words to 'signify' the 'same' object' of reality. An existential paradox, no?

QUESTION: Is the word consciousness the experience of consciousness? Why, in his book Psychology & Alchemy did C. G. Jung write "you can teach a parrot to speak quite a few words, you know," in a sly dig at his fellow Psychiatrist's & Psychologist's.

Please don't take this badly Charles, but you come across as a 'deft-parrot' idealist in a time when well-meaning Woo will no longer do for our post-Trump, post-Truth world of Blah, Blah, Blah. Generation Alpha needs so much from adults professing 'leadership." And on a platform designed for author-reader engagement, why do I see none?

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I am pretty sure the Awakening isn't going to take thousands of years! In fact, we are very close. The ones unaware of the fact that they have been lied to their entire lives about just about everything will continue in their obliviousness. And they will continue to trust the utterly untrustworthy. And continue to wear useless masks and feel superior to us who don't drink the Kool-aid. And they will smugly take their sixth and seventh boosters and be proud of themselves for "doing the right thing" and "protecting gramdma".

And then the cancers will rear their ugly heads, and their bodies will crash from collapsed immune systems and autoimmune damage, and their cognition and memories will fail. And they will leave their bodies and realize that they bought into the wrong thing, but too late.

But there are and will be many people who don't go down that self-destructive path. We may be out-numbered now, but after the Mass Dieoff, we will be the majority. And WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT THEY DID— the Perpetrators, and they will have no place to hide.

This will be a tipping point, and transformation will accelerate exponentially. Those who seek connection to the Divine, to Source, will rapidly move into that consciousness because the Old System will be dead and gone. It doesn't take much, just as flipping a light switch doesn't take much. Just break people out of their habits, their lazy line-of-least-resistance routines and change will burst forth, unstoppable! As the Old World crumbles under our feet, the only lifeline to grab will be an Internal Knowing, the Reality of Source, of Consciousness itself. It will be "sink or swim" time, and many people, plunged into the waters of confusion, will quickly learn how to swim! The world is ripe for such an event.

But the old system has to die to make way for the New. It will be traumatic, but that will be the "kick in the pants" people need to make the leap into a New Reality. Just watch! Humanity is getting a lot of help from the Other Side in this transition.

We can't continue the way we have been for the past millennia. Most humans had lived under miserable conditions for a very long time under the capricious rule of kings and emperors. Serfdom was the rule until very recently in human history. And now the Satanic Globalists want a return to those Dark Ages of totalitarian control and subjugation. They want a technocratic Transhuman society that will give them the control earlier kings couldn't even dream of. And they are afraid of us and want to exterminate us to remove their competition. But it ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN!

We massively outnumber them. They will NOT get away with this. Too many people are already awake. They thought they were better than us and smarter that us, but THEY are the really stupid ones! They have turned their backs on God, on Source, on Consciousness, and chosen Evil.

And what is Evil except ignorance of Reality? And because they are disconnected from Reality, they keep miscalculating and doing really, really stupid things. And repeatedly doing stupid things. They are #@%&@!* MORONS with none of the discernment that comes from Connection. Ultimately they WILL fail, and those with love and who are able to manifest a higher frequency vibration will vanquish them! The "meek shall inherit the Earth", not the crazed, power-hungry, fear-driven, ignorant control freaks! And it isn’t "meek" in the sense of being weak, but rather of KNOWING what real power IS. That is the power of Connection to the BIG Source of Power, and that is very humbling, not ego-trip-feeding!

In another generation or two, this world will be a very different place. We will either have made the "quantum leap" into a Bigger Reality, or we will self-destruct under the control of very Evil people. They will either be removed from their positions of control, or they will "win", which means we all LOSE.

I think, realistically, that THEY are headed for a major "crash and burn" outcome instead of their planned Great Reset. They are already very scared because they are quite behind schedule and things just aren't going well for them. Us Uppity Cattle just aren't lying down and taking it! Their efforts at herding all of us into the slaughterhouse are failing spectacularly.

When "the light" gets turned on, the cockroaches will "head for the hills", and then it will be hunting and squashing time! They want us to eat crickets? How about some nice cruncy cockroaches?Lol! (Alright, that's bit gross!)

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thank you so much Charles for another beautiful dialogue, resonating deeply as always. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing young podcaster. After watching your interview, I found the one with Zach Bush from 6 months ago, which brought me to more depths of surrender and trust. Not hope, but a guideline, a shared sense of the direction, the way of being, a sense of communion, global community. Thank you Andre, thank you Zach, thanks to all who read, resonate with and share this. What a time to be alive.

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Thank you for this insight Charles, I think it often helps me to think that I am only part of the wholeness and will only get so far in my task in this lifetime. There will be many more generations that continue to build on what we will begin to know and continue the repairing. That relieves the burden and lightens things when the going gets tough.

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Love it ..I was reminded just this morning to not underestimate an act of kindness. When I do it over and over and not see any recognition or result afterwards for a good amount of time, I get a little doubtful at times whether it really makes a difference. At such times, I tend to experience one myself and that realigns me. Since last night I was a bit anxious about my trip. Couldn’t get checked in. The feeling stayed with me somewhat until I got to the airport, though I made a decision to trust it would turn out alright either way. Once I truly made peace even with the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to take off today and that even that scenario would ultimately be right in the great scheme of things and I would be able to deal with it, I was met with grace at the airline counter and left even better off than I expected. The airline employee’s act of kindness towards me showed me that it all makes a difference. Her kind behavior has recalibrated my faith and I’m rejuvenated to continue to do my part with being kind to others.

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Check sarahwilson@substack.com

She writes succinctly on all this also and a promoter of good.

As someone displaced, and having no abode due to housing crisis.

Of anyone cares to assist



My current residence is a car.and it's not serving me well

P.s this was not my intention in coming on here

Hope all safe from fires over there I Hawaii and California. We have our hands full this summer I Australia I reckon

Love on. X

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Thank you so much, to you and everyone in this Beautiful World. From my heart to yours. So much Love, j

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I listened to this podcast 3 times and forwarded it to friends who are humbly acting from their hearts to change the story. Thank you!

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Thank you Charles. Deep bow of gratitude for your words of wisdom and inspiration.

Offering this:

The Recognition Sutras: Illuminating a 1,000-Year-Old Spiritual Masterpiece by Christopher D. Wallis.

"One thousand years ago, in the valley of Kashmir, a great Tantric master named Kshemaraja wrote his masterpiece: the Pratyabhijnahrdayam, which means “The Essence of the Recognition Philosophy”. This text was a concise primer, written to introduce spiritual seekers to the Recognition philosophy in less formally philosophical, more approachable language. What Kshemaraja created turned out to be one of the world’s great spiritual masterpieces, breathtaking in its brevity but stunning in its power. It came to be considered equivalent to scripture itself by later generations, because of its undeniable inspiration. This book expounds the subtleties of this spiritual and philosophical classic. One of the most powerful and revelatory spiritual masterpieces of world history, the Pratyabhijnahrdayam is one of the primary sources for the study and practice of nondual Tantrik Yoga, and it has never been accurately translated or fully explained until now."

The wake up call is happening every moment. It's up to us to listen. Dark forces are loud, THE LIGHT is sometimes hard to hear. Be still and listen/see with your heart, not your mind and external senses. Listen/Look Inside. All the answers are, were, and always will be, inside.

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I like the way he emphasizes 'The Return'. Llewellyn Vaughan Lee, a Sufi teacher I also follow, recently posted a short essay in which he said his intuition was that this Return will take the best part of 3 centuries until it's well enough established ... but that depends on enough of us making the necessary life choices.

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