I'm going to make a distinction, in love :-), but not to quibble.

I agree that our personal relationships and our societal relationships will benefit far greater by love, acceptance and forgiveness, and that is the best way to heal. You, @Meredith Miller, @Tessa Lena, etc have counseled that, and I'm convinced of the wisdom of it. I honestly and urgently pray we will be able to do that. I'm struggling with it each day, but I know ultimately, it's true.

Yet, our relationship to our government and its officials is not a personal relationship, nor is healing possible. It can be re-habbed, re-vamped, re-instituted, or whatever, but those same elected and appointed officials have deliberately abused us, have seized illegitimate power, and have abused us in sociopathic and psychopathic ways. They do not, indeed, can not, respond to a personal outreach of love and forgiveness. They are power-mad. They do not want to be in relationship with us; they want to enslave us. That is far past what we consider an abuser in a personal relationship.

I'm suggesting that, as such, they should indeed be punished, not in anger and resentment as we're feeling now, but in studious, deliberate societal and collective judgment of their wrongs. What else were the Nuremburg trials? It is necessary, not only for complete healing but for restoration of trust.

It is quite something to think they can simply sidelined and somehow restored to society. They are the very cancer that must be cut out of society and disposed of properly.

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At the risk of dragging the elephant into the room - what if the guilty knew what they were unleashing upon humanity? Meaning, creating and then mandating injections that are good only for maiming and killing and which, in the best of cases, do nothing. If there was intent to harm... for me, premeditation changes everything.

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This is a beautiful article. I'ld like to share it with my wife, if she would only let me back in the house. It's 5 below out here, for crying out loud! Honey, I've got my mask on!

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I would like to offer a counter-point:

1 There is implicit "both-sides-ism" in what you say. The woman dumped the man and he took her back. That is big on the part of him. Can we let this be an unequal thing where some people have to be bigger to make it work? Then the true cost of reunion is more honestly displayed and it is not equally paid by all parties. What you are asking is: some be the bigger ones and make an unequal reunion possible on the incentive that that might reach these people who let's face it, are wrong at least about mandates.

2 From the standpoint of systemic constellation, it is important to vindicate yourself to a certain degree, when you feel damage has been done, in order to KEEP the relationship. You just retaliate less. This is retaliation with love and it makes it possible to move on from there with a clean tally. If one person gives too much, also forgives too much, they destroy the relationship. Also if they give too little or nothing at all.

3 Stopping entails for the government side of things to let go of mandates and political persecution of the unvaccinated. Will they, if they do not change their mind? Truth is unequally distributed in this one, so is violence.

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Feb 7, 2022·edited Feb 7, 2022

The issue has nothing to do with Covid per se but rather serious issues of control which is now running rampant. The same folks arguing with their family and friends are the same ones out in society telling everyone else how they should live as well. Just as you've no right telling anyone what religion to practice or follow you've no right imposing your medical opinions on them either. For years I have joked about this - imagine going into someone's house and demanding how they live? Oh wait isn't that what Government is currently doing?

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Charles, your article came really timely. We had the biggest argument with very good friends about the Freedom Convoy in here in Canada. While we justified the convoy and are actually grateful that so many people protest against these mandates and the violation of the Charter of Rights our friends condomned them violently, saying they are organized by right-wingers, Trump supporters and Nazies. They are obviously infused with all the propaganda by PM Trudeau and the MSM. This was a very painful experience for us, because we know that this view is shared by the majority of not only Canadians. When I thought it over, I was questioning if I really want to continue with this friendship. But then, after reading your article this morning I decided to put my value for this friendship higher than my anger, disappointment and concern. So thank you for your help!

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In all fairness I should reread your article before offering my own thoughts.

From the beginning of this insanity division has been fueled and can easily be stepped into. Reactivity has been amped up to an extreme.

At the end of the day we will need to help each other heal, physically and emotionally. I hear those with the knowledge speaking to this, which I am heartened by.

I believe those who have purposefully committed genocide need to be held accountable. Held accountable in a way that can do some good. I see this as a transfer of wealth.

And I would ask, what is love?

I would suggest any feeling is love.

In this moment anger is appropriate and needed. Anger tells us where our boundaries lay. What is okay and what is not. None of this is okay.

Anger as love.

Clear boundary setting.

A clear no.

Not laying blame with those who have been manipulated but with those who have done the manipulating.

We need to be clear and strong and not reactive.

To learn to be integrated and stand in our integrity.

Whatever the perceived cost.

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Let me propose that if your beliefs or convictions matter more to you than people—if they require you to act as though you were a worse person than you are—you may have lost perspective.

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We've fallen for the "scapegoat" mechanism for eons. Christ [according to Rene Girard] came to do away with this human proclivity to blame another for the woes of the masses.

A potentially new world awaits us around the bend.

Forgiveness is the most powerful tool in our toolboxes.

It also is a healing salve.

Good word there Charles!

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Love is not always best served by reunion. What if there was abuse? Self-love requires the abused to remain apart for their own well-being; further, it is not a loving gesture to enable an abuser. A healthy reunion would be contingent on a change of heart on the abuser's part, which usually begins with an admission of wrong-doing. Such an admission and change of heart would not be a demand, but a condition.

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If we do not punish those who have done "wrong" Charles . . . does that not invite others to also do wrong, without the risk of accountability?

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Feb 7, 2022·edited Feb 9, 2022

Thanks Charles for your concealing words, looking always for union of humanity, for truth and love. Yes, to focus our attention on the points that connect us with each other, and not on the facts that separate us, seems to be the most appropriate way to proceed in this extraordinary times.

For that, I believe we should keep always in mind the bigger picture of these times. The humanity is approaching the new state of awareness, the spiritual state, where everything would be different. This would the state of union. We are one, one humanity, one single being, one nature, one ocean of awareness.

When we have differences with our family members and close friends, the separation is affecting our relations. At that moment, keeping in mind this bigger picture, and trying to give preference to the love, would be like giving our support for the new world of union.

Unfortunately, for the union to materialize, both parties needs to take this approach. Sometimes however we may try to show our love and compassion to others, we may get the opposite from them. That is the reason for all the conflicts. Without two cannot be war, but also without two cannot be peace.

Never forget that our role needs to be manifested in our actions in this world, as well as in the spiritual world. Everything to help this transition to the union of humanity in the new world.

In the present state of evolution, we need to act in both directions, giving all our energy to fight for the truth, but always keeping in mind the spiritual world where we are one. In this sense, an spiritual war may be needed, which in fact is happening nowadays. Of course, that war could be consider as a separation, but if we fight it with the master line of our awareness in that we are one, we could act just as an instrument of the whole. We are just instruments. Only that single being which is the union of all is doing this play of war. Then, we could play our role in fullness, doing whatever is necessary to help the new state of evolution to be established.

If the other party take the right decision or not, is not in our hands. But there is magic in this play, as if we keep the master line of the oneness, even fighting the war we would create union instead of separation. The main thing is understanding what is moving our actions. Is it the separation or union..

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What does justice look like, divorced from punishment? What does accountability look like, disentangled from rewards and penalties? What does apology look like, distinct from submission? These are the questions that must come alive if we are to regroup the human family.

The Most Important Words I Have Ever Read concerning This Madness. Most Especially the Justice Without Punishment...


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Thankyou Charles. Justice without punishment is a concept I spend a lot of time nurturing and circling, and I so value you speaking of it. True justice is found in healing; true healing is making whole again.

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Probably the outcome was more mundane. The lady came to the realization that divorce would make her life worse, and his better. So she assumed if she sticks it out, he'll succumb to covid or his angst and she'll get everything. Maybe a bit more nuanced, but I'd bet I'm close.

The numerous divisions like this story are frustrating so many people that those on both sides will try to make sure it doesn't happen again. Whether we believe the oppressor was the virus or the response, society is going to change dramatically.

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Majority and minority play harmonic roles. This is a triadic system, it is not only dual. The paradox of love exists in two dissonant triads that embrace each other with two pairs of contradictions, thus causing inversion. I am talking about music. The harmonic system is fractal and complex. It happens in the 4th dimension and deals with proportions of time and space.

If the minority is down to one, the outcome is either dissonance, or worse, if it disappears the majority gets stuck in an endless loop. It can no longer perform the inversion of paradoxes that drive harmonic development. The result is stagnation and cognitive decline into dualism. This is a matter of cognition and the dimension of time coordinates.

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