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Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone, Part 6

Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone, Part 5

Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone, Part 4

“Handfuls” Intermission – Self-pity and self-righteousness

Some podcasts and a short film: Belonging, Money, Love, Metaphysics, DMT

Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone, Part 3

Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone, Part 2

Handfuls of Dust and Splinters of Bone

Touched by the Sun


Victory Will Not Solve the Problem

I Like to Fight

The Meaningful World

The Mask of Reason

Amnesty, Yes—And Here is the Price

To Be at Home in the World

Feminine Power

Oops, actually I did want to say something serious

My Brilliant Invention, Political Maturity, and Other News

The Courtship of Tara

The Heartland

There's No One Driving the Bus

Neither Hero nor Journey

Inverting the Energy Paradigm

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Audio version of Pandemania, Part 5

Pandemania, Part 5

Live in Salt Lake City, plus other places, words, and thoughts

Monarchs and Lightning Bugs

July 28: Live with Dr. Zach Bush

Pandemania, Part 4

Political Hope

Pandemania, Part 3

Pandemania, Part 2

Pandemania, Part 1


Some interviews, events, and random philosophical & personal comments

Audio version of Transhumanism and the Metaverse

The Heart of the Fawn

Transhumanism and the Metaverse

Why I Won’t Write on You-Know-What

Facebook hacked, IG spoofed

Actually, on further consideration...

Audio Version of Compartmentalization, UFOs, and Social Paralysis

Compartmentalization: UFOs and Social Paralysis

A Puncture in the Bubble of Separation

Audio Version of I, Orc

Audio Version of The Good World

The Good World

Audio Version of Reinventing Progress

Audio version of The True Story of the Sith

Central Bank Digital Currencies

When the Struggle Ends, Who Am I?

I, Orc

My New Book: The Coronation

The Economy Series


Reinventing Progress

The Spirituality of ________

Parallel Timelines

The Field of Peace

Love-gift to the Future

The Paradox of Busy

On the Great Green Wall, And Being Useful


Division, Reunion, and some other stuff


Into the Space Between

Wanna Join Me in a News Fast?

And the Music Played the Band

Comet of Deliverance