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Friends Don’t Let Friends Destroy Themselves

Transcript of conversation with my son Philip

Coming of Age -- A Father/Son Dialogue

When Only Love Remains

The Andes-Amazon Ecocultural Corridor

The America that Almost Was and Yet May Be

War is Always Justified

Life is a Gift (gorgeous short video)

A Story Told a Hundred Thousand Times

Whose Reality Is It?

If the victor had fought, she wouldn't have won

"In my name, I want no vengeance."

If We Really Want It to Stop...

A correction on Hamas

Hamas, Israel, and the Devil on my Shoulder

Image, Memory, and Dementia

On "Creating" Culture

On Mobs, Cults, and Russell Brand

Warning: Dangerous Content

Visions for a More Beautiful World -- A Wake-up Call

Palestine and the Politics of Guilt by Association

In conversation with Dr. Iain McGilchrist

From Homogeneity and Bedlam to Sense and Sensibility

Sanity Repatterning

Bulletin from the Shark Tank

Privilege and Fortune: A Confucian View

The upside-down privilege narrative in alternative health

The Fall -- more interpretation

Interpretations of The Fall

My New Short Film -- "The Fall"

Notes on privilege

Contact Tour audio, live in Massachussetts., unusual interview...

UFOs, Planetcide, and the Maturation of the Human Species

Short Sanity Project Video

The Sanity Project

Staying Sane in the Next Five Years

Why we care: A conversation with RFK, Jr.

A Major Life Change

The Farthest Shore

oops, correction

Live event in NC, also Sacred Economics talk, other stuff to watch

Safety Third

The Next Five Years

On the cusp: a trialogue about the future of AI (and humanity)

An Edifying Thought on AI

The Next Five Years -- Livestream Today

Live in Boulder, Live in Austin, Live on Instagram (?)

How the Environmental Movement Can Find Its Way Again

Peace, AI, Money, Ecology on deck, and some live events and recorded offerings

The Robot Who Wanted to Be a Man

The Forest Protectors

When the Cause is Everything

Life is Sacred and a couple short films and a note on future essays

German Versions of my Essays

View from the Other Side

To Happen Everywhere it Must Happen Somewhere

Someone is impersonating me -- Do not respond!

The Sun is Alive, and Why that Matters

They're Just not Jaded

Lovingly Crafted Video of "What is the Next Story"

Blood Root and a Raven

What is the Next Story?

2023: The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible